RUAG Land Systems

Vehicle Protection and Virtual Training Simulators for the Defence Industry

The RUAG division defence offers advanced services and products for defence and security. It addresses armed forces, public authorities and OEMs which are looking for a competitive supplier or reliable general contractor.

As a division of the group it takes advantage of the versatile expertises and of the sharing of corporate resources. The production takes place in our own facility in Switzerland and we collaborate with leading manufacturers worldwide to achieve optimal quality.

RUAG Defence does maintaining, up-armouring and modernisation of armoured vehicles, training of military personnel as well as integrating and servicing of infrastructures for network enabled operations. The strength lays on broad tailor made solutions for individual customer requirements.

Heavy weapon systems for the defence industry

By integrating the MBT Leopard 2 A4 and the SPH M109 for the Swiss armed forces RUAG was able to gain substantial knowledge of the various vehicle platforms. Based on these skills RUAG developed life extending and upgrade programmes for the Leopard 2 A4.

An armoured engineer vehicle and a bridge laying vehicle are also part of RUAG's portfolio. RUAG also developed and produced various weapon systems and main battle tanks in large numbers mainly for the Swiss government.

Vehicle protection for military use

RUAG offers a broad range of protection measures against the most likely threats. It is an all-around protection programme and the modules can be combined mission-specifically. The measures are characterised by very low weight and a high level of protection. They protect from shaped charges, mines, IEDs including EFP, artillery bomblets, machine gun fire and kinetic energy penetrators. RUAG has expertise in modifying used armoured vehicles and in teaming with OEMs for new platforms.

Mobile command and control posts

With a focus on high-tech command posts, RUAG offers a selective range of ISO 20in shelters. They feature unique technology for a spacious operational environment and a high level of protection against electronic warfare. The shelters are supplied to system houses as well as to users directly.

Virtual training systems for the military industry

RUAG is one of the world's leading producers of simulators for virtual and live training. Simulation systems are increasingly used due to considerations such as the environment, security issues, short training time and cost. RUAG offers the right training solution for this purpose, nationally and internationally, with a range extending from computer-assisted training aids to complex simulators. RUAG is a system management partner for training and simulator systems. Its services also include planning, implementation, and operation of training centres.

Network enabled operation

With C4ISTAR integration and competence centre, RUAG is assisting the Swiss armed forces in the implementation of a military joint forces C4ISTAR. It is responsible for integration legacy and new command and control, intelligence and surveillance, information and communication systems and for maintaining these systems over the entire product life cycle. RUAG designs C4ISTAR system architectures and integration solutions, operates systems centres, and provides services as a product-independent consultant for customers in Switzerland and abroad.

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