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Peltor - Military Hearing Protection and Communication Systems

Effective, comfortable, easy-to-use and noise reactive, the Peltor line of hearing protection equipment is uniquely suited for severe and unpredictable noise dangers you encounter during training and combat, including gunfire, explosions, aircraft and armored vehicles. With cutting-edge electronics, design comforts, and engineered compatibility with helmets and other combat wear, Peltor communication headsets have become mission-essential equipment with the US military's most elite troops.

Combat Arms Earplug

The Combat Arms® earplug's patented design enables it to be used in two different modes.

In combat mode, this earplug allows wearers to hear low-level sounds critical to mission safety, such as conversation, footsteps, rifle bolts. When needed, the plug's filter reacts to provide instant protection from high-level noises like weapons fire and explosions.

The Combat Arms earplug's steady state mode, meanwhile, provides protection against constant noise (aircraft, armored vehicles, etc.) without hear-through.

Other advantages of this earplug include:

  • Patented dual-protection design
  • Low-level sounds heard clearly
  • High-impulse noise blocked instantly
  • Pre-molded triple-flange design to fit most ear canals
  • Comfortable and reusable
  • No batteries or moving parts

Corded Earplug

The unique Skull Screws™ corded earplug features bright yellow foam, screw grip, and twist-to-seal design for easy, proper fitting. No roll-down is required, and it is ready to wear right out of the package.

Features include:

  • NRR 30dB
  • Soft, no roll-down foam
  • Stem grip for better hygiene
  • Excellent protection
  • All-day comfort

Artillery Ear Muff

Specially created with input from the US Army to meet warfighters' grueling conditions, the Artillery Ear Muff™'s low-profile design is compatible with current military helmets including ACH.

It is ideal for artillery units and missile teams requiring dual protection under Kevlar helmets. When used with earplugs, it allows for a 20-fold increase in the number of rounds safely fired.

Features of the Artillery Ear Muff include:

  • NRR 19dB stand-alone; 5dB additional protection when worn with earplugs
  • Soft, comfortable ear-cups
  • Neckband style is easy-on / easy-off without helmet removal
  • Supplied in OD green

Tactical Hearing Protectors

The COMTAC™ A-C-H is Peltor's next-generation tactical hearing protector. Based on the field-proven COMTAC II, this new headset offers improvements such as increased battery life (500+ hours), new boom microphone, tactical key pad, improved audio talk-through, and additional water proofing. The NRR is 21dB.

Clear communications with ambient listening / talk-through and instant impact noise protection are provided by the COMTAC II tactical hearing protector. A direct result of field intelligence and soldier feedback, COMTAC II was designed to meet the specific communication, hearing protection, and functional needs of both mounted and dismounted troops. The NRR is 21dB.

WOLFPAK Helemt-Mounted Headset

The versatile WOLFPAK™ headset becomes integral with a helmet, giving the wearer full communication capabilities with complete mobility for mounted or dismounted operations. It includes a flexible helmet mount, swivel earpiece and chinstrap boom microphone.

UHF Two-Way Radio Headsets

The Powercom Plus® military green UHF two-way radio headset features foliage-green ear-cups, a noise-canceling boom microphone, 22 pre-programmed UHF frequencies, certified NRR values, cup microphones for ambient situational hearing ability, ghost voicing for mode changes, and 38 CTCSS analog sub-channels.

Features of our UHF two-way radio headsets include a push-to-talk button on right ear cup, an optional voice-activation mode for transmitting, a two-mile transmitting range and two AA batteries to provide up to 20 hours of talk time. Neckband and headband options are available.

Hearing Protection Headsets

Peltor's series of standard hearing protection headsets provide superior audio quality, are easy to use and affordably priced.

We offer two hearing protection headsets: a low-profile headset for use under Kevlar helmets, and a standard profile headset for higher-noise environments where Kevlar helmets are not required. Headsets are offered in tactical black, and NATO wired with noise-canceling microphone and folding headband.

Peltor is a registered trademark of Aearo Technologies. Aearo Technologies is a subsidiary of 3M Company.

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Military developed hearing detectors The Combat Arms® earplug is specially developed for the military.
Earplug skull covers The unique Skull Screws™ corded earplug.
Communications headsets The Artillery Ear Muff provides dual protection for high-impulse noise.
Communication systems headset The COMTAC A-C-H, Peltor's next-generation tactical hearing protector, is specially designed to fit with the advanced combat helmet.
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