Peltor FL5000 adapters are tested and approved according to EMC directive 89/336/EEC, which means that they meet the requirements for CE labelling.

The EX adapters are also tested according to 94/9/EC by NEMKO, which has issued an EC-Type Examination Certificate number Nemko 03ATEX214.

Sealed to IP65 (dust-free and protected against water jets) according to SS-EN 60 529.

Read these instructions carefully to get the most out of your Peltor product.


Peltor’s FL5000 adapter series offers the optimum adaptation of Peltor headsets to most communication radios on the market.


The adapter is enclosed in a functional, watertight, sturdy casing with no protruding parts. The unit fits easily in your hand, but is also easy to wear attached to your clothing, without being in the way or snagging on anything.

On the back of the adapter is a sturdy clamp (A), which can be twisted 360°, making the adapter as convenient and flexible as possible in all situations. The clamp is removable if you do not need to secure the adapter. The adapter also has an attachment loop (B), which can be used to secure it when not using the clamp.