AT Communication International

Tactical Transceivers and Rugged C3I Systems

AT Communication International is a global wholesale manufacturer and distributor of communication equipment, including:

  • Military HF transceivers
  • Military VHF tactical radios
  • Digital microwave radios
  • VSAT transceivers
  • HF encryption
  • VHF encryption
  • VPN encryption
  • GSM encryption
  • Encrypted phones
  • Encryption products
  • Satellite monitoring systems
  • Jammers
  • UAV’s
  • Intercom systems
  • Military computers

Military VHF tranceivers

A comprehensive range of manpack, mobile and base station solutions is available to meet demanding military applications.

Features include encryption, hopping, data and e-mail systems and integration possibilities to C3I and C4I systems.

The PRC-3088 low-band VHF military tactical transceiver is a state-of-the-art, compact and lightweight unit for multi-role tactical military and security applications in demanding, mission-critical conditions. Features include encryption, data transmission and field repeater mode.

Satellite monitoring and intercept system

Our SEU 8800 satellite monitoring and intercept system features:

  • Automatic satellite tracking
  • Tracking of all known satellites by 'mouse-click'
  • Automatic set-up for each satellite to be tracked
  • Frequency range 100MHz to 14,000MHz in bands or per specification
  • Multi-mode broadband receivers
  • Provision for multi-satellite operation
  • Remote control via TCP / IP, encrypted VPN
  • Remote upgrade of satellite list
  • Various outputs for signal analysis
  • Demodulation, decoding and decryption

Robust and secure voice / data encryptor AT Crypt one

  • Voice and data encryption
  • Remote commands
  • Universal radio interface
  • Mil and Stanag waveforms
  • Antispoofing

Encryptor for tactical radio communications SEU-8210

The SEU-8210 is an advanced, high-security, state-of-the-art voice and data ciphering unit. The SEU-8210 effectively secures voice / data communications from unauthorised monitoring.

Military and tactical

Our military and tactical radios include HF and VHF solutions for:

  • Handheld
  • Manpack
  • Mobile
  • Base
  • High-power base station
  • Repeaters
  • Remote controlled systems

Communication jammers

Our range of jammers includes:

  • Broadband jammers
  • GSM jammers
  • VHF jammers
  • Mobile phone jammers
  • Miniature jammers
  • Communication jammers
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)

Our high-performance UAV’s are field proven and have innovated features. Our range includes:

  • Cyber EYE fixed wing long endurance
  • Cyber QUAD VTOL Quad Rotor Battery Operated for short duration tactical applications
  • CyberShark VTOL long endurance Helicopter UAV

All UAV’s are available with a range of camera options including Infra Red, Thermal, Still and Motion Video options, as well as customised payload option for client specific requirements.

Intercom systems for communication solutions

Our range of Intercom systems provide military clients with a range of communications options including wired and wireless solutions. Systems include interfacing capability with HF and VHF tactical radios as well as third part VOIP systems.

Military computers

Our range of military computers can be customised to suit almost any application. All computers are thoroughly environmentally tested to ensure they will withstand the modern military environment conditions. The product range includes laptops, monitors, panel PCs, tablets and rack-mounted PCs.

Contact Details

AT Communication US, Inc.
1173 Pittsford Victor Road
New York 14534
United States of America
+1 585 348 9402
+44 203 318 9975 (UK)
+1 585 348 9402
+44 207 681 2989 (UK)

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AT Communication Announces Expansion of Tactical Transceiver Range with Launch of Sentry-H™ Radio 22 September 2016 AT Communication is pleased to announce the expansion of its tactical range of transceivers with the launch of the Sentry-H™ High Frequency (HF) SDR radio.