AR Modular RF

RF Booster Amplifiers for the Defense Industry

AR Modular RF designs and builds booster amplifiers that dramatically extend and improve the coverage of military radios. These booster amplifiers cover the frequencies 30-512 MHz in HF, VHF, and UHF bands, and support modern tactical waveforms.

In hostile environments, dependable communication is vital; many lives depend on it. That's why the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard depend on booster amplifiers from AR Modular RF. Products are designed smart, built tough, and are easy to operate.

Both man-pack and vehicle-mounted models are available. Whichever you need, when you choose AR Modular RF you get booster amps that keep on working through virtually every imaginable hazard.

RF booster amps pass the toughest battle tests

AR Modular RF has over 35 years of experience in RF and utilises that knowledge with the latest technology to deliver one of the most advanced booster amplifiers available on the market today.

It isn't just experience, technological advances, or even the commitment of AR that should inspire trust. Their booster amps are tested in real battle conditions and they succeed through the toughest battle environments before they're offered for sale.

These battle-tested booster amplifiers are lightweight and compact. Every model incorporates RF sensing circuits to switch from receive to transmit. They all include automatic level control, low pass harmonic or band pass filters, protection against antenna mismatch (VSWR) and overheating.

Robust booster design for harshest defence environments

No booster amplifiers are tougher, more dependable or more versatile. Most importantly, no booster amps are as easier to use than the amps made by AR. AR booster amps ensure clean, high performance signals. They deliver high peak AM signals and low distortion with only small input signals. They continue to provide full power despite high VSWR conditions, such as when on the ground or up against a building. Their sophisticated DC power systems have full DC spike and surge protection. And DC regulation keeps RF output constant even when the input voltage drops to low levels.

The bottom line is that they do the job and go the distance through shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, and even water. When troops have to go through hell and high water, these are the booster amps that go with them.

Modules and amplifier systems for electronic warfare

AR Modular RF also designs and manufactures modules and rack-mounted systems from 12 to 5,000 Watts. They come with all the features you need to dominate in EW, ECM and ECCM. They're suited for CW, pulse, over-the-horizon, foliage penetration, IFF, Doppler and phased array radar applications.

RF jammer amplifiers

AR Modular RF products cover the 10-2700MHz frequency range for both portable vehicle-mounted and sat-com systems, from a few watts to a few hundred watts.

Quality RF booster modules

AR delivers innovative technology, advanced design, quality build and workmanship, mismatch capability, durability, less cost watt for watt, and a worldwide support network that is here for you today, tomorrow, and always. Everything we sell is backed by the best comprehensive warranty in the industry.

Customisable products

AR Modular RF is set-up to create customised variations of its products to meet your specifications. AR will work with you to create a solution that's right for your needs. And you won't have to wait forever or spend a fortune to get exactly what you need.

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