Terrier Technologies

Military Vehicle Electronics Systems and Components

Terrier Technologies specialize in the design and manufacture of military and commercial automotive electronic and electrical systems to client specifications, for local and international customers. We are an ISO 9000:2000 accredited and BEE compliant company.

Our dedicated staff of 70 skilled people delivers quality products on time, every time.

Repair of electronic / electrical equipment

Terrier Technologies’ team has had over two decade's worth of experience in design and manufacture of electronic and electrical equipment. This knowledge and experience bring in many repairs and overhauls to a wide variety of electronic and electrical equipment, for military and commercial vehicles.

Dashboard control panels, cables and harnesses

Terrier manufacture military vehicle products for BAE Systems, including dashboard control panels, cables and harnesses, which are used on their RG31 and RG33 program and for vehicles used in Italy, Sweden, UAE, USA, South Africa and the UK. All Terrier Technologies products are extensively function tested, and we offer competitive pricing and unequaled service.

Automotive electrical / electronic component manufacture

Terrier Technologies manufacture a variety of automotive electronic and electrical components to client specifications, for local and international customers in the military and industrial environments. We manufacture military vehicle products for BAE Land Systems, including dashboards, control panels, cables and harnesses used on their RG31 and RG33 program, and for vehicles used in Italy, Sweden, UAE, USA, South Africa and the UK.

In addition, Terrier Technologies manufacture instruments, control and distribution boxes, dashboards and dashboard looms, microprocessor control systems (including CANBUS and power management distribution modules), electronic speedometer and trip meters, and electronic potentiometers.

Vehicle power management distribution box for use In military vehicles

Terrier Technologies has designed and manufactured a sophisticated military vehicle power management distribution box to supply filtered and unfiltered power, to cater to external auxiliary power requirements – for government-furnished equipment (GFE). The power management distribution box is microprocessor-controlled, providing automatic current output protection, and has load shedding capabilities that can automatically turn off non-essential loads in a predefined priority sequence, to ensure essential power is supplied both for vehicle power and external power.

Outputs offered include:

  • 1 x 24V DC 30A (not filtered)
  • 1 x 24V DC 15A (not filtered)
  • 2 x 24V DC 15A filtered outputs that conform to Mil Standard 261E & complies with Mil Standard 1275
  • 1 x easily accessible 24V DC 30A external bus bar with studs and holes for connecting external devices.
  • The power distribution box is environmentally qualified to DEF Standard 00-35 Part 3, EMC qualified to EMC qualified to DEF Standard 59-41 Part 3.

Vehicle CANBUS electrical system (smart harness system)

Terrier Technologies have had extensive experience in the design of automotive electrical and electronic systems, and together with Pereseo, we designed an automotive digital CANBUS vehicle management system known as the smart vehicle harness. This cost saving digital system greatly reduces the number of wires and circuit breakers, and offers significant technical advantages over the analogue system, is more reliable, easier to install, and is also easier to maintain.

The CANBUS system has power management control, a load shedding capability, current control and current monitoring on each pin output – and is fitted with over current protection and open circuit detection.

The CANBUS system consists of a node controller and a CANBUS control unit – with an option of adding a graphical used display interface to replace convention instrumentation. Alternatively, the system can interface with existing vehicle instrumentation and gauges. The smart vehicle harness system can also interface with other J1939 CANBUS systems or RS 485 interfaces.

The smart vehicle harness system is user friendly and easily configurable with diagnostic capability. The CANBUS system can be easily configured via software, to suit any vehicle application.

Vehicle automotive lights

Terrier Technologies designs and manufactures a wide range of rugged, waterproof, affordable and reliable vehicle exterior front and rear lights for military, industrial and commercial vehicles – using either LED or Incandescent technology. These headlights and tail-light cluster units are currently being used on military vehicles – providing their durability and reliability.

All lights can be customized to customer specifications and conform to road ordinance specifications. All Terrier Technology automotive lights are environmentally qualified to DEF Standard 00-35 Part 3, and EMC qualified to DEF Standard 59-41 Part 3.

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