The concept behind MILSPRAY’s Vehicle Wash Systems is simple – eliminate the time, expense, construction and environmental concerns involved in the traditional wash rack acquisition process.

All of our Vehicle Wash Systems reclaim, recycle, and then re-use wash water.
All system components are located above ground and can be easily operated and maintained.
No filthy retention ponds, basins, or separate in-ground holding tanks.
No discharge and no waste stream.

There is simply no better way to provide vehicle wash capabilities.
Our Vehicle Wash Systems are simple and intuitive, yet very robust.

Our deployable, patented Expeditionary Vehicle Wash System is perfect for off-grid operations such as U.
Customs Agricultural Inspections, vehicle wash downs, and as a deployable wash rack for general military vehicle cleaning.

Available options include:

Hot or cold water systems

High output water cannons (tank track cleaning)

Quadcon, 20 Ft, and 40 Ft containerized systems

Area Lighting

Genset or Solar Power options

Recycled or Clean discharge

Ramp systems