French President Emmanuel Macron launched has launched Operation Resilience support the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in the country.

Speaking in Mulhouse Macron said: “We are at war and faced with what is looming, this peak of the epidemic which is before us, I decided, on a proposal from the Minister of the Armies and the Chief of the Defense Staff, to launch the Operation Resilience.

“This operation is distinct from the Operation Sentinel which continues to focus on the fight against terrorism meanwhile, this Operation Resilience will be entirely devoted to aid and support to populations as well as support to public services to deal with the Covid-19 epidemic in mainland France and overseas, in particular in the health, logistics and protection fields.”

The move will see the French Army provide more logistics and medical support to civilian authorities, and the deployment of helicopter carriers to help overseas territories transport patients and supplies.

French Armed Forces have already set up field hospitals in France and have been completing medical evacuations to transport patients around the country.