26 June

US Army Japan has confirmed that a new member of its community was confirmed Covid-19 positive. American military newspaper Stars and Stripes quoted US Army Japan spokesman Elias Chelala saying that after landing at Narita International Airport in Chiba prefecture, the person was tested and was taken to Camp Zama. It’s unknown if the person is an active-duty soldier. Furthermore, this person was believed to be asymptomatic during travel. Japanese officials alerted the Army after the positive result was confirmed. It is said to be the seventh reported case associated with US Army Japan.

The US Navy has established the Sentinel Surveillance Testing (SST) programme for testing asymptomatic service members for Covid-19. With the help of this testing, the service will be able to detect asymptomatic positive individuals and prevent further outbreaks. They can also detect any potential second wave or resurgence of the disease early. The Navy plans to conduct testing and collect reports in two-week increments. Earlier, its efforts were primarily focused and now there is sufficient testing capacity to expand the efforts.

The US Army has announced that Northern Strike 20 will be held from 19-31 July at Michigan’s newly renamed National All-Domain Warfighting Center. In partnership with public health officials, the Michigan National Guard has developed a comprehensive plan that allows Northern Strike to continue during the Covid-19 pandemic while safeguarding participants as well as local communities. Its medical officials have worked with public health authorities to incorporate Covid-19 precautions recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Countermeasures include social distancing, required use of masks when social distancing is not possible, and frequent sanitisation.