28 August

USAA and Lockheed Martin have committed to award emergency financial assistance and educational support funding to the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS). USAA will provide $2.5m and Lockheed Martin will offer $1m, which will help airmen, space professionals, and their families facing hardships due to Covid-19. Lockheed Martin president and CEO James Taiclet said: “Lockheed Martin is proud to support AFAS to provide emergency assistance, education support, and community programmes to members of the Air Force.”

A new Directorate General National Cadet Corps (DGNCC) Mobile Training App has been launched by Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. The app will be used for online training of NCC cadets nationwide and will help overcome the challenges and restrictions on direct physical interactions posed by Covid-19. The app is designed to be interactive and includes a query option to post questions related to training syllabus. A panel of qualified instructors will answer the queries if any.

The entire US Army unit, 173rd Airborne Brigade, has tested 100% Covid-19 free after finishing participation in Exercise Saber Junction 20. 173rd Airborne Brigade’s four battalions are based in Vicenza, Italy, and another two in Grafenwoehr, Germany. About 2,500 swabs and rapid testing were administered in Landstuhl, Germany. The brigade collected the samples and shipped them off in a UH-60 Black Hawk for testing. All results were negative for the virus.