The Czech military is planning to increase the number of out-of-hospital beds for Covid-19 patients. Approximately 500 beds are expected to be set up in the Letňany exhibition grounds at Prague by the Czech military this weekend.

A study by the US Department of Defense (Dod ) has found that the risk of contracting the coronavirus during a flight is low. The study stated that a person would have to sit or be exposed to an infected individual for at least 54 hours to contract the virus from the air. Researchers concluded that if passengers wore surgical masks continuously on their routes, it would prevent the spread of the infection as the air is circulated and filtered on aeroplanes.

The Philippine Army has unveiled its own coronavirus laboratory to bolster the military’s capability to fight Covid-19. The lab is capable of processing 90 tests per day, and is available to approximately 1,04,000 army personnel, staff, and their dependents for coronavirus tests. The laboratory has been ready to operate since July but received only recently received authorisation to open only by the country’s Department of Health .

L3Harris Technologies has distributed grants to 39 non-profit organisations across 19 states to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The company offered $930,000 in social impact grants to address problems such as economic inequality, digital divide, food relief, veteran aid, and economic prospects for businesses and others. The grants are part of the company’s larger $2m assurance to support Covid-19 relief and recovery programmes across the world.