20 May

Lockheed Martin and the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers have worked out a temporary alternate schedule for F-35 production line employees in Fort Worth. The proactive measure is in response to Covid-19-related supplier delays to the programme. Under the new adjusted three-week work schedule, each shift is divided into three groups. Each group will work on a rotational basis for two weeks and take one week off. The new schedule will start from 23 May and may continue until 4 September. Additionally, employees who want to be voluntarily furloughed for 30 days will be allowed to do so with no pay.

Babcock International has announced that its ventilator has moved to the final testing stages. The Zephyr Plus unit is being developed in response to the UK Government’s call to build ventilators for the NHS in the fight against Covid-19. The Babcock Ventilator Team is working along with an international medical partner and supplier partners including Raytheon, Rada, Sovrin and Mec Medical. The first set of Zephyr Plus units are under testing with assembly lines in place. The device requires MHRA regulatory approval by government.

US military service members have provided personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies to Philippine frontline medical staff. The supplies are worth $203,000 and were donated to hospital in ten Philippine provinces. They include disposable gloves, masks, medical clothing, various types of face protection, and tools such as infrared thermometers. The US military collaborated with the Philippine Coast Guard, Army, Marines, and Air Force for the delivery of supplies. To date, the US has donated nearly $15.5m in Covid-19 assistance to the Philippines.