9 September

The Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC) has selected Empatica, an MIT Media Lab spinoff company, to deploy a wearable device and algorithm for the early detection of Covid-19. Empatica’s Aura algorithm provides a daily risk-indication using physiological data collected through Empatica’s smartwatch, EmbracePlus, for individuals who may have contracted Covid-19.

Humanigen, a pharmaceutical company, announced that it has partnered with the US government to develop its Covid-19 drug candidate Lenzilumab. The drug resulted in 37% more recoveries among patients when compared to those receiving standard care in a study. The study aims to evaluate its efficacy in preventing and treating the immune hyper-response called a cytokine storm.

Czech defence minister Lubomír Metnar said that the Czech Army would be sending an additional 400 soldiers to overwhelmed hospitals in response to the pandemic.

The US Army is deploying three US Air Force medical teams to El Paso to help support the fight against Covid-19. El Paso has reported more than 1,000 new cases each day, with about 47% of hospitalisations being related to Covid-19 related.