Biotechnology company INOVIO has been awarded $71m funding from the US Department of Defense (DoD) for its Covid-19 vaccine delivery device. The grant will support the large-scale production of INOVIO’s proprietary intradermal DNA delivery smart device CELLECTRA 3PSP and the procurement of CELLECTRA 2000 devices. These devices are designed to deliver the company’s INO-4800 vaccine directly into the skin. INO-4800 vaccine is being developed to protect against the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

The Victorian Government is seeking assistance from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in managing quarantine hotels. The support request has been confirmed by several senior Victorian and federal government sources, as per media reports. As many as 1,000 military personnel are likely to be deployed to Melbourne. The forces will provide support related to emergency management, planning and logistics. According to the Australian Department of Defence, 28 ADF personnel are currently involved in Covid-19 pandemic response in Victoria, including 12 in planning support.

The Indian Armed Forces have announced that soldiers will be exempted from the mandatory 14-day quarantine period amid an India-China face-off, reported PTI. A revised quarantine policy was issued yesterday by the Directorate General of Armed Forces Medical Services. Members of all three branches of the military, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force will not serve a 14-day quarantine following return to their duties unless a Covid-19 infection risk has been confirmed.