1 October

The Australian Department of Defence (DOD) has announced changes to the Defence Partner Employment Assistance Program (PEAP) to offer increased support to partners of Australian Defence Force (ADF) members affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Through the programme, partners can avail up to A$1500 for employment-related initiatives any time during the posting cycle. In the next financial year, the changes will potentially inject up to $4m into the Australian Career Management Industry.

Personnel from 51 Squadron Royal Air Force (RAF) Regiment and RAF Music Services elements are on standby to support Op RESCRIPT. They will remain ready to support the nation whenever required and will work under the command of Number 5 Force Protection Wing along with the other Services. Op RESCRIPT is the UK Armed Forces contribution to tackle the coronavirus pandemic at home. Currently, around 100 military personnel are set to support Birmingham City Council’s ‘Drop and Collect’ Covid-19 Test Distribution.

The US Navy has released the latest updates to the Standardized Operational Guidance (SOG) to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid-19 SOG version 3.0 is applicable to all uniformed Navy personnel and deploying units. It features updated Center for Disease Control (CDC) return to work guidance, test before the Restriction of Movement (ROM) sequester period, 14-day ROM-sequester, and an exit test, as well as pre-deployment screening. The new guidance will see personnel receiving training at their command in contact tracing procedures.