Army Technology spoke with Sheron Schley, Director of Business Development – Government at MILSPRAY, to discuss the core offerings of the business and how their solutions can be used for a variety of defence industry applications.

Q: What services can MILSPRAY provide?

MILSPRAY specialises in the full spectrum of corrosion preventive methodologies, including:

  • Mobile Corrosion Prevention and Control Services
  • Specialty Coatings Application
  • Touch-Up Paints
  • Wash Services
  • Electro-Static Disinfection Services

Q: What types of items can MILSPRAY work on?

MILSPRAY has experience working on vehicles and equipment of various shapes and sizes. This includes support equipment, such as AGE, trailers, and bridges, vehicles (7t, Humvees, snowplows, and tanks), shipping and storage containers, aircraft, and static displays.

Q: What makes MILSPRAY unique from other contractors?

Our proprietary Mobile Corrosion Repair Facility. The facility is 100% self-sufficient, with no government furnished facilities/equipment needed. On-site operations allow Commanders to maintain control of assets, which also reduces throughput cycle time and eliminates costly transportation expenses.

The facility is scalable to meet various equipment sizes and allows for quick expansion to support increased throughput if mission dictates.

Q: How does MILSPRAY determine the amount of work required to meet the unit’s expectation when generating a quote for services?

MILSPRAY is committed to providing timely and accurate quotes to meet each unit’s specific need and references historical data that is derived from military Corrosion Control Office Databases.

We offer pictures and phone/virtual meetings with clients to perform in-depth discussions with POCs to determine issues, desired outcome, and unique mission requirements.

Free OCONUS/CONUS site visits are offered to gain first-hand perspective of challenges, and to determine most cost-effective solution to meet the needs of the unit, as well as a free detailed quote that can be used to draft PWS for contracting.

Q: What experience does MILSPRAY have working with the military?

MILSPRAY has been teaming with the DoD for 20 years to combat corrosion and help units increase mission effectiveness and operational readiness.

We have completed over 15,000 assets for the USA, USAF, USMC, and USN at military site locations including Mannheim in Germany, Andersen AFB in Guam, Beale AFB in California, Albany in Georgia, and Lakewood in New Jersey.

MILSPRAY is a veteran-friendly company comprised of several prior service members who understand the importance of having reliable equipment to accomplish the mission.