The constant flow of information remains an integral part of the military industry, allowing soldiers to gain in-depth knowledge of the battlefield in realtime. Many factors influence the demand for tactical communication systems and it is important for military companies to be prepared for change. 

It is crucial that all military organizations are able to communicate with each other efficiently while on missions to increase both efficiency of the mission and safety of personnel.


The Global Tactical Communications Market 2019-2029 offers a detailed analysis of this industry over the next 10 years and provides deep analysis into the factors influencing demand. Factors such as coordination with allies, situational awareness, and communication with base stations drive the need for new developments in tactical communication. In order to enhance their capabilities, big military forces are looking to invest in this area. 

C4ISR technologies are constantly evolving and this directly impacts the need for jam-resistant multi-channel responses during missions. As portable equipment develops and forces grow in size, the need for effective communication is higher than ever. 


Key highlights of this report include:

  • Understand the size of the tactical communications market and the biggest drivers for growth
  • Gain an understanding of the challenges faced in this sector and unmet needs
  • Explore tactical communications by region and find out how each region can utilize these technologies
  • Analyze the five categories in this sector: man-portable, vehicular, stationary, naval, and airborne


Identify important investment areas in the tactical communications sector and understand the challenges faced by industry leaders. Gain a competitive edge by using trend data to channelize your resources and maximize profits. Utilize new developments in the tactical communications sector to better surface military companies. 

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