Concept: Israeli centralized cybersecurity and analytics platform provider Upstream Security (Upstream) has launched ‘C4’ (centralized connected car cybersecurity), the Vehicle Security Operations Center (SOC). It is a data-driven cloud-based automotive cybersecurity platform that integrates with vehicle data streams and promises to detect events in real-time, assigning a rating based on perceived impact and severity. The startup aims to help corporations mitigate connectivity risks and ensure the safety and security of smart mobility solutions protecting connected and autonomous vehicles.

Nature of Disruption: The C4 platform is designed to defend connected vehicles and smart mobility services against cyber-attacks and misuse both in motion and at rest. It delivers comprehensive automotive cybersecurity detection, automotive data aggregation, and normalization, and easy-to-use tools for unprecedented protection and control, leveraging patent-pending multilayered security architecture, deep protocol, big-data, and behavioral analysis expertise. Multiple ML models are used by Upstream’s detection engines to cover the individual vehicle, vehicle communications, and mobility services. Its continuing automotive research, massive amounts of real automotive data, and deep automotive knowledge are all leveraged in the C4 platform’s supervised and unsupervised learning-based algorithms. From component level to complicated application-to-vehicle interactions, Upstream’s ML platform profiles the entire connected car service. As a result of the combination of purpose-built contextual awareness and automotive domain expertise, early detection and the ability to get to the underlying cause, whether it’s in the cloud infrastructure or one of the connected vehicle components, are possible.

Outlook: Most businesses now have a SOC to protect their computers, servers, and networks against cyberattacks and to detect and respond to any incidents. Car manufacturers have realized that designing and developing a tailored SOC for detecting and responding to attacks against their connected car and peripheral services is even more critical as security and safety are inextricably linked. With the C4 Platform, Upstream intends to empower Vehicle or Mobility SOCs, assists OEMs and mobility providers to design and implement Vehicle SOCs. The startup has raised $62M in Series C funding led by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (MSI), I.D.I. Insurance, 57 Stars’ NextGen Mobility Fund, and La Maison Partners. It has plans to use the funds to accelerate growth, hiring, and expand the portfolio in areas of data analytics, insurance telematics, predictive analytics, and business intelligence.

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