Concept: Massachusetts’s tech startup Sway AI has developed a no-code AI platform to enable enterprises to rapidly build and deploy AI solutions. Sway AI enables users without AI experience to develop AI solutions and also helps enterprises to avoid the upfront investments required to build and deploy AI models.

Nature of Disruption: Sway AI features an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that is easy to use and understand. Its open architecture leverages open-source AI models or allows customers to use their models. The startup claims that the no-code platform includes advanced collaboration features that engage business stakeholders and domain experts throughout the AI development cycle, improving business alignment, reducing risk, and driving increased ROI (return on investment). The new platform enables enterprises to build prototypes faster and reduce their time-to-deployment. It contains built-in expertise and a best-in-class prebuilt library of end-to-end AI workflows. Users can utilize Sway AI’s prebuilt models to quickly and effectively implement AI workflows without a single line of code. The AI-based no-code platform provides support for gathering and preparing data as well as training, testing, and deploying ML models for applications at scale.

Outlook: The majority of the enterprise AI projects are not deployed as they are time-consuming, costly, and risky. Deployment of enterprise AI projects requires significant upfront investments in skillsets or rapidly evolving tools. Sway AI claims that the no-code AI platform enables enterprises to develop and deploy AI quickly and without costly upward investments. The platform makes AI accessible to all business users, regardless of AI skills or experience. The startup claims that the platform offers best-in-class open-source capabilities as a future-proof platform.

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