Zubr Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier

Zubr is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier developed by AMZ-Kutno for the Polish Army. The armoured vehicle can be deployed in the transportation of troops in the battlefield, surveillance operations, air defence and command and control missions.

Zubr is the heaviest vehicle in the current production line of AMZ-Kutno. The first prototype was demonstrated by AMZ-Kutno in March 2008.

The Zubr P serial version displayed at the MSPO 2008 international defence industry exhibition has a different front section from the prototype. The first two Zubr P vehicles were delivered to the Polish Army in February 2011.

Zubr armoured vehicle design

"Zubr is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier developed by AMZ-Kutno for the Polish Army."

Zubr is based on the Iveco EuroCargo 4×4 truck which was license-built in Poland. The modular design supports the integration of equipment and systems as per the customer requirements.

The conventional layout of the vehicle houses an engine front cab in the centre and troop compartment in the rear.

The forward part of the crew cab is fitted with a two-piece bulletproof windshield. Doors on either side of the vehicle allow the rapid entry and exit of the crew members.

Zubr has a length of 6.45m, a width of 2.45m and height of 2.65m. The gross vehicle weight (GVW) of Zubr is 14,000kg and may vary based on the level of armour protection and armament fitted to the vehicle.

The vehicle can carry a payload of 2,000kg and ten fully equipped infantrymen. It can also tow a 1,500kg capacity trailer.

Zubr wheeled armoured personnel carrier variants

Zubr is produced in three variants namely Zubr P, Zubr MMSR and Zubr WD. Zubr P is an air defence variant fitted with GROM missiles. Zubr MMSR is an air surveillance variant equipped with a N-26 radar. Zubr WD is a command vehicle fitted with five work stations.

Armaments onboard

The Zubr is armed with a remotely controlled weapon station for mounting various types of armament. The POPRAD short-range anti-aircraft system fitted on Zubr P can fire GROM missiles against low-flying aircraft and helicopters.

The system also integrates FLIR head, thermal camera and laser range-finder suitable for day and night operations. The vehicle can also be fitted with smoke grenade launchers.

Self-protection equipment against blasts and mines

The vehicle is armoured according to Stanag 4569 level. The V-shaped hull deflects the blast impact of the landmines and IEDs away from the vehicle. The cab compartment and landing bay are attached with armoured plates and the bottom is hinged with hard thick armour.

It offers level-4 protection against 7.62mm armour piercing rounds and artillery splinters as well as level 3a/3b protection against anti-personnel mines.

The armoured vehicle can withstand 8kg of mine blast. Zubr can offer different levels of protection based on the add-on armour attached to the vehicle.

Engine and power

The vehicle is powered by a N60 ENT C Iveco Tector 6 cylinder common rail direct injection diesel engine coupled to a manual or automatic gear box (six forward + one reverse).

The engine develops a power of 202kW at 2,500rpm and a maximum torque of 930Nm at 1,250rpm. The vehicle has a top speed of 100km/h and a maximum range of 600mi.

Mobility of the Polish Army’s Zubr vehicle

Zubr is equipped with all time four wheel drive system. The high ground clearance allows the vehicle to operate in uneven terrain such as hills, grooves and rocks.

"Zubr is the heaviest vehicle in the current production line of AMZ-Kutno."

The simplex drum brakes on the steering axle and duo-duplex on the rear axle ensure the control of the vehicle.

Ride comfort is provided by the heavy duty multileaf suspension.

The vehicle can be fitted with runflat tire system for better mobility. Zubr can negotiate an approach angle of 35° and departure angle of 33°.

It can ford 700mm of depth without any preparation. The vehicle is airportable by C-130 military transport aircraft.

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