XA-202 armoured wheeled command vehicle.
XA-202 armoured wheeled command vehicle with 24m hydraulic mast.
XA-200 advanced mortar system.
XA-200 recovery and repair vehicle.
XA-200 personnel carrier.
Cutaway diagram of XA-200.
XA-200 can climb 60% gradients.

XA-200 wheeled armoured vehicles

The XA-200 series armoured 6×6 wheeled vehicle is an updated production version of the XA series, of which over 700 vehicles have been produced. The series is manufactured by Patria Vehicles of Hameenlinna, Finland, formerly Sisu Vehicles. The vehicle is in service with the Finnish Army (104 XA-200 armoured personnel carriers), the Swedish Army (86 XA-203S basic vehicles and 18 XA-202S command vehicles) and the Norwegian Army (32 XA-200 armoured personnel carriers).

The AMOS advanced mortar system has been integrated on the XA-200 chassis and trialled and evaluated by the Finnish Army. 24 AMOS systems (developed by Patria Hagglunds) were ordered by Finland for integration on the Patria 8×8 armoured modular vehicle.

XA-200 armoured vehicle

The XA series has vehicles for a variety of combat and support mission tasks. These include: personnel carrier, command and communication vehicle, anti-aircraft missile version, anti-tank missile version, ambulance, radar carrier with foldable mast system, mine-scattering vehicle, mortar carrier, recovery and repair vehicle, and NBC reconnaissance vehicle.

The vehicle chassis is constructed from high-hardness welded armoured steel, with modular armour, which protects against 7.62mm ammunition, artillery splinters and mines and up to 14.5mm armour piercing shells.

"The XA-200 series armoured 6×6 wheeled vehicle is the latest production version of the XA series."

The engine is a Valmet 612DWIBIC (Euro 2) turbocharged, intercooled diesel engine, which has six cylinders and develops 202kW at 2,100rpm. Maximum torque of the engine is 1,080nm at 1,600rpm. The transmission is an Allison MD 3560PR electronically controlled automatic gearbox with torque converter and retarder.


XA-200 has a maximum speed on road of 95km/h and an operating range of 600km. The vehicle has a fording depth of 1.5m and can be given an amphibious capability, up to a total weight of 16,000kg. Maximum combat weight is 22,000kg, vehicle weight is 14,500kg.


Various turrets are available for the vehicles according to customer requirements. These can be fitted with either a 7.62mm machine gun or a 90mm cannon.

Optional equipment includes weapon systems, night sights, air-conditioning and NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical) protection.

XA-202 armoured wheeled command vehicle

The XA-202 command vehicle is based on the XA-200 chassis, but the hull is divided into four sections – operator room, driver / commander compartment, engine room and auxiliary power unit (APU). The 10kW diesel APU is installed for the operator room equipment.

There is an optional ring-mount for 12.7mm machine gun, above the commander.

"The XA series has vehicles for a variety of combat and support mission tasks."

Add-on armour provides protection from up to 12.7mm armour-piercing shells. There are four fitting points for VHF antennas.

The command vehicle can be fitted with a 24m hydraulic mast. The telescopic mast is powered by the main engine hydraulic pump. It has hydraulic support legs for the vehicle and an automatic guy rope system of 5.2m radius with hydraulic tightening system. The mast takes two people about ten minutes to deploy.

AMOS advanced mortar system

The AMOS advanced mortar system was integrated on the XA-200 chassis and trialled and evaluated by the Finnish Army. The AMOS turret is developed by Patria Hagglunds, a new company formed by Patria and Alvis Hagglunds AB of Sweden. Alvis Hagglunds is responsible for the turret and Patria Vammas for the breech-loaded 120mm mortars. The system is also integrated on a CV90 combat vehicle for the Swedish FMV Defence Materiel Administration.

The AMOS twin mortar system has a full 360° traverse and a high rate of fire due to the double barrel and recoil mechanism. It has a direct fire capability and a digital, computerised fire control system, which can fire a variety of mortar bombs including the Strix "smart" mortar, developed by Saab Bofors Dynamics. The top-attack Strix has a nose-mounted imaging infrared seeker for terminal guidance. Strix has a range of 5,000m.