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Warthog / Bronco All-Terrain Tracked Carrier

The Warthog all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is an amphibious armoured vehicle and a variant of the Bronco all-terrain tracked

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Bronco Warthog All-Terrain Tracked Carrier

The Warthog all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is an amphibious armoured vehicle and a variant of the Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier (ATTC). The vehicle has been designed to give high protection, huge payload capacity and all terrain mobility. It has a capacity to carry a crew of 12.

The Bronco ATTC is jointly developed by Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) and the Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) initially for the use of Singapore Army. This vehicle has been developed to be applied for numerous operations including rapid deployment, peace keeping and humanitarian aid missions, combat support and logistics and maintenance.

In May 2001, the first Bronco ATTC was delivered to the Singapore Armed Forces. More than 600 Bronco ATTCs are on order.

In December 2008, the UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) awarded a contract worth £150m to ST Kinetics to supply more than 100 Bronco ATTCs. The UK MoD designation for these vehicles is the Warthog. These vehicles replace Vikings that have been procured under an urgent operational requirement (UOR) for deployment in Afghanistan. The UOR requirements of survivability and higher payload capacity are met by the Bronco ATTC.

"Bronco ATTC is a twin-chassis vehicle developed to traverse difficult terrain."

Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier features

Bronco ATTC is a twin-chassis vehicle developed to traverse difficult terrain creating low ground pressure, flexibility, high payload capacity, spacious interiors, easy transportability, higher mine protection, self-recovery and stretch potential.

The rubber tracks and the running gear system fitted to the vehicle provide soft and quiet ground conditions creating low ground pressure and thermal signature. These tracks enable the vehicle traverse any terrain including water, mud, swamp, soft sand and snow.

The hydraulic, articulated steering system of the vehicle ensures better mobility, stability and comfort in climbing up and getting down tough terrains. It can reach a maximum speed of 65km/h on roads.

The vehicle has the capacity to carry a payload of over 5t. its swimming features require it to be less prepared and the compact trim vane does not obstruct driver’s vision. In water it can travel at a speed of 5km/h.

Compared with the Bronco ATTC, the Warthog has a few additional features including the Platt MR50 shielded ring mount and external fuel tanks.

The Warthog vehicles are fitted with UK theatre-entry specific equipment including additional armour, specialist electronic countermeasure equipment and communication tools. Thales (UK) undertook the installment.

Warthog amphibious all-terrain vehicle orders and deliveries

ST Kinetics rolled out the first Warthog on 28 September 2009 in the presence of UK MoD representatives. The first vehicle under the contract was delivered in November 2009, but failed to pass acceptance tests.

The company has since improved the armour protection of the vehicles for deployment in Afghanistan, and the delivery was accepted by the UK Army in September 2010. Vehicle deliveries are expected to complete in 2010. The UK troops were trained in March 2010 to operate the vehicle in Afghanistan. Vehicle deliveries were completed by June 2011.

Warthog ATV mission variants

Under the UK MoD contract, four Warthog variants – troop carrier, ambulance, command and repair and recovery – were developed by ST Kinetics.

"Four Warthog variants – troop carrier, ambulance, command and repair and recovery – were developed."

The troop carrier variant can carry a payload of 5t and a crew of 12. The crew cabin improves operational readiness during operations in difficult terrains. It has a spacious interior that can be customised to user requirements.

The ambulance variant can accommodate four stretchers with casualties or nine sitting crew / casualties in its rear cabin. It is equipped with advanced life support systems, patented swing out stretcher system and optional tentage system.

The rear cabin is also fitted with air-conditioning providing higher comfort for the injured.

The repair and recovery variant is fitted with workshop facilities such as a 6mt crane, a 10t winch, electric generator, air compressor, work bench and stowage facilities and support tools and test equipment. This acts as a military workshop on field for the armed forces.


The Warthog runs on a Caterpillar C7 engine generating 350bhp at 2,400rpm. It has Allison MD 3500 fully automatic transmission. It is also fitted with front and rear axles, an integrated transfer box and the track system final drive units.


One of the key features of the Warthog ATV is its manoeuvrability. The vehicle is fitted with rubber tracks and running gear that provides smoother rides on all types of terrain. The hydraulic, steering system also makes the vehicle highly mobile, stable and comfortable in crossing such difficult terrains. This vehicle is manufactured taking into picture the transit issues. Each Warthog can be transported in a C-130 aircraft and is also sea transportable.

Bronco ATTC development

The Bronco ATTC was a result of five years of research and development. It was successfully launched in 2001 with the Singapore Armed Forces.

Various trials were carried on the Bronco ATTC to meet the requirements of the Warthog programme. Trials to configure Bronco to Warthog’s combat load have been completed in the UAE. Under these trials a 19t test-bed vehicle was tested in the desert to ascertain Warthog’s performance in heat and dust conditions.

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