The Tor-M2E system was displayed with 9A331MK transport launcher in MAKS 2011 Airshow held in Moscow.
The Tor-M2 is equipped with two 9M334 modules.
A close view of the Tor-M2E missile system on display at MAKS 2007 Airshow. Image courtesy of Vitaly V. Kuzmin.
The Tor-M2 based on tracked chassis has a weight of 37t. Image courtesy of Vitaly V. Kuzmin.
The Tor-M2 air defence system consists of four 9M331 surface-to-air guided missiles.

tor surface to air system

Tor M2 is a fully-automated surface-to-air missile (SAM) system manufactured by Almaz-Antey’s Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol, to deliver effective air defence in jamming environments.

The short-range air defence missile system can counter a wide range of targets including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), guided missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft, helicopters and high-precision weapons flying at very low to medium altitudes.

The Tor family of SAM systems is in service with the armed forces of Azerbaijan, Belarus, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iran, Russia, Ukraine and Venezuela.

Tor-M2 SAM orders and deliveries

The Belarusian Air Force and Air Defence received the third battery of Tor M2 vehicles in December 2013. The first and second batteries entered service in 2011 and 2012 respectively, and the vehicles entered service in January 2014.

The three batteries are deployed with the 120th Air Defence Brigade and the Western Operational-Tactical Command of the Belarus Air Force and Air Defence. The Belarusian Army intends to secure ten batteries by 2020.

Rafael Armament Development Authority, the MBT Missile Division and Elta Radar Division of Israel Aircraft Industries have announced the SPYDER surface-to-air PYthon 5 and DERby Air Defence Missile System.

The deliveries are part of the 2006-2015 state armament programme which includes the maintenance of weapons in service, modernisation of the systems, and procurement of new equipment.

Tor-M2 SAM variants

The Tor-M2 air defence missile system is produced in three variants. Tor-M2E is the export version, based on a tracked chassis. The capabilities of the system were exhibited in MAKS 2007 Airshow held in Moscow. Tor-M2E, along with 9A331MK transport launcher, was displayed in MAKS 2011 Airshow. Tor-M2K is another variant mounted on a wheeled chassis.

The Tor-M2KM SAM variant is designed to simultaneously destroy four aerial targets. It can be mounted on either a tracked or wheeled chassis. The Tor-M2KM, based on the three-axle TATA 2036C 6×6 chassis, was displayed in MAKS 2013 Airshow. The missile system was also exhibited in DEFEXPO 2014 in India.

Tor-M2 missile system features

The Tor-M2 missile system can operate 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. It can be deployed in combat missions in difficult air and jamming conditions.

The missile system is equipped with two 9M334 modules, each containing four 9M331 surface-to-air guided missile ammunition in four transporting-launching containers. The module is used to store, transport and launch the missiles.

“The Tor-M2 missile system can operate 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions.”

Each battery consists of a mobile unified battery command post (UBCP), four combat vehicles (9A331ME or 9A331MK), two 9T224 transporter/loaders (TL), one missile system and one 9B887M2E / 9B887M2K maintenance vehicle (MV). Two vehicles in one battery can form one squad mode at one protected site. Other technical facilities include 9F116 training simulator, group SPTA set vehicle, 9F116 rigging equipment set and MTO-АG3М1 maintenance shop.

Performance of Tor M2 combat vehicle

The high mobility combat vehicle can carry up to three personnel, including a driver. It transforms from normal mode to combat position within three minutes.

The Tor-M2 can simultaneously engage up to 48 processed targets and ten tracked targets. It has the capability to exchange radar data with another vehicle. The system can destroy moving enemy targets within the range of 12km and at altitudes from 10m to 1,000m.

The combat vehicle aboard tracked chassis can accomplish a speed of about 65km/h on highways and 35km/h on dirt roads. The maximum weight of the vehicle is 37t.

The combat vehicle on wheeled chassis has a maximum weight of 30t. The vehicle can be loaded within 18 minutes and can attain a speed of 80km/h on highways and 30km/h on dirt roads. The vehicle has a maximum range of 500km.

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