The Tomcar TX multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle is designed to operate on tough terrains. Image courtesy of Prince Manufacturing.
The Tomcar TX vehicle is available in three configurations including TX3, TX4 and TX5. Image courtesy of Prince Manufacturing.
The maximum cruise speed of the all-terrain vehicle is 104.5km/h. Image courtesy of TOMCAR, Inc.

Tomcar TX is a multi-purpose all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Tomcar, a US-based producer of year-round-use, off-road utility terrain vehicles (UTVs).

The vehicle is highly functional, durable, and versatile and can operate under most demanding conditions.

Tomcar TX design reduces down-time with its extreme durability, payload, and easy maintenance. It can be easily deployed through parachute system.

The all-terrain vehicles from Tomcar are primarily designed for military purposes, however, the vehicles are also used in mining, emergency response, tourism, security and patrol, as well as ranching and agriculture industries.

Tomcar TX design and features

The Tomcar TX vehicle offers safe and smooth ride as its fully-welded steel frame and roll cage as well as fully-enclosed aircraft-grade aluminium skid plate are based on four-wheel independent suspension.

The Tomcar TX vehicle is easy to drive and maintain and comes with high safety rating. The design of the skid plate features CVT heavy, final drive, on-the-fly two-wheel- or four-wheel-drive engagement, on-the-fly front/rear differential, pneumatic lockers and reverse transfer case.

The vehicle can be upgraded with various options based on customer requirements. It can be fitted with rear load compensators, automotive windshield, PRP suspension seats, half/full doors, dual fuel tank, winch, canopy, spare wheel, trail bag, jerry can kit and LED light bar.

Tomcar TX’s four-wheel independent suspension offers 13.5in travel for the rear trailing arms and 14in for the front dual arms. The 120in-long wheelbase allows the vehicle to cruise across tough terrains.

The vehicle features extremely low centre of gravity which maximises safety, stability and performance, while also allowing the vehicle to cut through sharp corners and handle extreme side-slopes.

The interchangeable suspension components and unique structural geometry directs maximum traction to the rear wheels.

Tomcar TX variants

The Tomcar TX all-terrain vehicle is available in three customisable variants including TX3, TX4 and TX5. TX3 is a two-seater vehicle with a payload capacity of 2,700lb and towing capacity of 5,400lb. The curb weight and hybrid curb weight of the vehicle are 2,700lb and 3,100lb respectively.

TX3 has a length of 4.03m, width of 1.82m and height of 1.72m. It has the option to be fitted with diesel range extender of 40hp.

The payload capacity of TX4 is 2,500lb, while its towing capacity is 5,000lb. TX4 retains the dimensions of TX3 and can accommodate up to four personnel.

The TX5 variant has a length of 3.68m, width of 1.82m and height of 1.72m. All the variants offer a ground clearance of 17in and can cruise at a speed of 104.5km/h.


The Tomcar TX vehicle is offered with gas or electric power plants. The vehicle is powered by 1.5l four-cylinder engine which generates a maximum power output of 107hp at 6,000rpm. The engine delivers 80lb torque at 3,000rpm.

The electric version of the vehicle is powered by three-phase dual AC motor which generates a power output of 120hp. It also delivers a torque of 280Nm at 0 to 2,800rpm.

Contractors involved

Prince Manufacturing entered an agreement with Tomcar for the production of TX model multi-purpose vehicle in August 2020.

The partnership allows Prince Manufacturing to assemble the Tomcar TX vehicle at its facilities in Asheville and El Paso in the US, and Ciudad Juarez in Mexico. The production activity will create new employment opportunities in both the US and Mexico.