Techimpex Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) was displayed for the first time at the Arms and Security 2017. Image courtesy of National Industrial Portal.
The light tactical vehicle can accommodate four personnel. Image courtesy of National Industrial Portal.
The LTV is equipped with a 2.0l four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine. Image courtesy of National Industrial Portal.
Rear view of the Techimpex light tactical vehicle. Image courtesy of National Industrial Portal.

The Light Tactical Vehicle (LTV) or Lehkyy Taktychnyy Avtomobil (LTA) is a new 4×2 off-road vehicle developed by Ukraine-based company Techimpex in co-operation with the Vinnitsa National Technical University. The vehicle is intended for use by the Special Operations Forces (SOF), airborne landing forces and intelligence units.

The vehicle was unveiled by Techimpex during the Arms and Security 2017 defence exhibition held at the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, in October. It can be deployed in patrol, surveillance, reconnaissance, special operations, fire support, command and control, logistics, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) and fire correction missions.

Techimpex expects to receive orders for the LTV from the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and other Ukrainian law enforcement agencies.

Design and features of Techimpex LTV

Equipped with a light structure based on tubular frames, the LTV bears close resemblance to a dune buggy. Its modular hull allows for the integration of weapons and special equipment, making the vehicle a multi-mission light tactical platform.

The conventional layout houses engine at front, crew cab in the middle and cargo section at the rear. The vehicle accommodates two crew members in the enclosed cab, while the flatbed section at the rear is fitted with seating for two troops. A Motorola DM-460 radio communication system enables communication for the occupants.

The driver and commander enter and exit the cabin through a hydraulically operated door on either side of the hull. Each door is fitted with a large glass window. The forward cabin is protected by a two-piece wind shield.

The vehicle carries a spare wheel on the right side of the rear hull, while the left side of the rear hull accommodates a box-shaped storage compartment. Either side of the hull is provided with cage-type storage holders for carrying the soldier gear and equipment.

The LTA has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 1,270kg and is fitted with a winch, which allows for towing up to a 2.5t vehicle. Other standard equipment fitted to the vehicle include an air conditioning system, seatbelt pre-tensioners, outside rear view mirrors (ORVMs), fire extinguisher, parking brake and LED lights.

Armament aboard Techimpex light tactical vehicle

The vehicle can be installed with a remotely controlled weapons station (RCWS) and weapon mounts for carrying a range of weapon systems. The weapon station/mounts can be fitted with a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, a 7.62mm PKM machine gun, a 30mm AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher or a 40mm UAG-40 automatic grenade launcher.

The turret for a machine gun or grenade launcher is positioned behind the crew seats. The weapon configuration varies based on the customer’s requirements. The onboard weapons provide suppressive and lethal fire support against infantry, low-flying aerial targets, light armoured vehicles and soft skinned or fortified targets.

Engine and mobility of LTV

The LTV is powered by a 2.0l four-stroke, four-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel engine, which develops a maximum power output of 240hp (179kW). The power-to-weight ratio of the vehicle is 0.085hp/kg. The power-pack provides the vehicle a maximum speed of 130km/h and a cruising range of 570km.

The independent suspension system of the vehicle offers high ground clearance and ensures superior mobility across rough terrains. The lighter structure coupled with compact dimensions further enhances cross-country performance in confined spaces.

The vehicle is internally air transportable by the An-26, An-72 and An-178 cargo aircraft, as well as rotary wing aircraft such as Mi-8 helicopter. The fast and manoeuvrable vehicle can also be lifted and dropped by helicopters.

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