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Storm 3 Multi-Role Vehicle

Storm 3, also known as Sufa 3, is a 4x4 multi-role vehicle developed by Automotive Industries Ltd (AIL) for the Israel


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Storm 3 Multi-Role Vehicle

Storm 3, also known as Sufa 3, is a 4×4 multi-role vehicle developed by Automotive Industries Ltd (AIL) for the Israel Defence Forces. It is deployed in various military missions requiring high power, acceleration, excellent off-road mobility and high reliability.

Development of the Storm 3 was completed in mid 2008. Production of the vehicle is currently underway at two factories in Egypt and Israel. AIL delivered vehicles for testing in November 2009. The vehicles were tested by the quality testing department in the technology brigade of the GOC Army Headquarters.

Three vehicles were tested in December 2009. During the tests, Storm 3 successfully demonstrated its abilities in the areas of endurance, mobility, air conditioning and engine cooling. IDF plans to acquire around 500 vehicles.

Storm 3 multi-role vehicle design

Storm 3 is based on the four door version of the Wrangler JK Jeep. It is designed to address some of the shortfalls of its predecessor vehicle Storm 2. It has the same weight, but can carry more than 800 to 900kg in comparison with Storm 2.

"Storm 3 is based on the four door version of the Wrangler JK Jeep."

Storm 3 features a reinforced chassis, heavier axles, reinforced hooks, automatic gears and improved air filter compared to Storm 2. The new vehicle is fitted with a more efficient diesel engine in place of the gasoline engine. Storm 3 variants can be equipped with special military communication systems and electronics based on the customers’ requirements.

The gross and combat weights of the vehicle are 3.7t and 2.6t respectively. The maximum payload capacity is 1.1t.

The vehicle has a length of 5.13m, width of 1.87m and height of 2.01m. It can carry five personnel including a driver and four troop members.

Storm 3 variants

Storm 3 is being produced in three variants, including light armoured vehicle, command vehicle and light reconnaissance vehicle. The armoured version is designed to protect the crew from light weapon threats. It incorporates an automatic transmission system and high-quality suspension system.

The commander version features a hard or soft top cab. It has five doors to provide rapid entry and exit to the driver and all passengers or troops. A cargo compartment at the rear provides sufficient space for the storage of the payload and communications equipment. The variant can carry a payload of up to 1.2t.

The air conditioning system provides maximum comfort for the crew in hot climatic conditions. The roll over protection structure enhances safety conditions for occupants.

The Storm 3 light reconnaissance vehicle provides extra storage space for carrying fuel, water and equipment. It is specially designed to allow various machine gun or special equipment mountings.

Self-protection armour

"Storm 3 is produced in three variants, including light armoured, command vehicle and reconnaissance."

The Storm 3 armoured vehicle offers STANAG 4569 level I protection.

The vehicle protects the crew against 7.62mm armour-piercing ammunition, hand grenades, unexploded artillery fragmenting sub-munitions and other small anti personnel explosive devices.

The armour, made of IDF approved advanced materials, provides a high protection-to-weight ratio.

The vehicle can be added with additional armour for achieving high protection levels.

Engine power

Storm 3 is equipped with a 2766ccVM 2.8L diesel engine coupled with a five speed automatic transmission and NVG – 241 2-speed transfer case. The engine delivers a maximum power of 158hp at 3,800rpm and a maximum torque of 400Nm at 2,000rpm. The propulsion system provides a maximum speed of 130km/h.


Storm 3 is fitted with a heavy duty gear box and a specially designed suspension system. The suspension system integrates heavy duty springs and shock absorbers. The vehicle offers convenient and safe travel on rough terrain and regular highways. The air filtration system allows comfortable operation in zero-visibility desert sand storms.

Storm 3 can be optionally equipped with a run flat tyre system for better mobility. The vehicle can ford a depth of 762mm without preparation.

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