RG Outrider Light Armoured Mine-Protected Vehicle

The RG Outrider is a light armoured vehicle designed and developed by BAE Systems. The RG Outrider, which originated fro


BAE Systems


Four people: driver, commander, plus two crew

Ballistic Protection

7.62mm × 39mm AP (STANAG 4569A Level 2)


6,000mm (240in)


RG Outrider Light Armoured Mine-Protected Vehicle

The RG Outrider is a light armoured vehicle designed and developed by BAE Systems. The RG Outrider, which originated from the RG32M LTV vehicle, was not developed for any particular programme or requirement and can be used in various roles. The vehicle was employed by the US Army in Afghanistan as it suited and met the needs of the US Forces operating in Afghanistan.

The RG Outrider is configured in a 4×4 chassis. The vehicle offers seating for four people, including the driver, commander, plus two crew members. Developed to be a cost-effective solution, the vehicle provides increased protection, proved mobility and necessary payload capacity – all of which are required for the conditions in Afghanistan.

The vehicle was first displayed at the Nevada Automotive Test Center in Nevada, USA on 10 February 2010. Equipment such as communications and weapons systems that are specific to the mission can be easily accommodated in the vehicle. As a result, the RG Outrider can be operated in most environmental and climatic conditions.

RG Outrider light armoured vehicledesign

The US special operations and coalition forces in Afghanistan are anticipated to be supported by the deployment of the RG Outrider. The South African RG series vehicles are a basis for the design of the RG Outrider.

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RG32M Mine Hardened Armoured Patrol Vehicle
RG32M is a 4×4 mine hardened armoured patrol vehicle, a member of the successful RG32 family of utility vehicles.

The vehicle can be classified as a light mine protected patrol vehicle because of the fact that its gross vehicle mass (GVM) is only 9.5t. The vehicle features a monocoque hull, which is V-shaped and widened by 200mm (8in). The space inside the cabin of the vehicle is increased with the help of externally mounted windows and 50mm (2in) increased head space.

The load bay of the vehicle is a new design, which is thoroughly suited for command, liaison and scouting roles. A varied range of equipment specific to the mission can be accommodated through this load bay and can also be re-configured according to mission requirements, thereby proving its versatility.

RG Outrider features

RG Outrider has a length, measured from the front of the winch to the rear of the spare wheel, of 6,000mm (240in). The width of the vehicle is 2,205mm (88in), its height is 2,190mm (87.6in) and it has a 3,340mm (133.6in) wheelbase.

RG Outrider’s ground clearance is 430mm (17.2in). The angle of approach is 42° whereas the angle of departure is 30°. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle is 9,500kg (19,800lbs) and the curb weight is 7,600kg (16,720lbs).

Vehicle armament

A one-man gun enclosure, which houses a 7,62mm or 12,7mm machine gun, can be fitted to the vehicle.

Light armoured vehicle self-protection

The vehicle has comprehensive and steel-welded armour for increased protection. The externally mounted windows also provide additional side blast protection.

The V-shaped hull offers protection from armour piercing (AP) rifle fire and anti-tank mine detonations. RG Outrider offers 7.62mm × 39mm AP ballistic protection of Standardization Agreement (STANAG) 4569A Level 2.

The mine protection offered under wheel is STANAG Level 2A, while under centre is STANAG Level 2B. Exceptional improvised explosives detection (IED) protection is also offered.

Turbocharged intercooled engine

RG Outrider is powered by a Steyr M16SCI turbocharged intercooled engine. The maximum power (DIN) offered by the engine is 200kW (272HP) at 4,000rpm and the maximum torque (DIN) is 610Nm (451ft-lbs) at 1,800rpm. The five-speed automatic transmission is provided by Allison S1000.

RG Outrider mobility

The mobility of the RG Outrider is similar to that of its predecessor, RG32M, which is currently deployed in Afghanistan. The vehicle’s agility and ground clearance is similar to that of RG32M.

"The vehicle has comprehensive and steel-welded armour for increased protection."

The needs of special operations are met by the versatile design of the RG Outrider’s vehicle, which is suited for first-response situations. Extreme off-road driving is also supported by the vehicle, which therefore gives it an ‘all-terrain vehicle’ status.

The suspension of the vehicle is in the form of springs and shock absorbers. These include coil springs, longitudinal arms and panhard rods, whereas the vehicle has double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers.

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