RG35- Mine-Protected Multipurpose Fighting Vehicle

RG35 is a mine-protected multipurpose fighting vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems. The vehicle has been designed to mee


8 September 2009








RG35 mine-protected multipurpose fighting vehicle

RG35 is a mine-protected multipurpose fighting vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems. The vehicle has been designed to meet the requirements of modern warfare protection while offering tactical mobility both on and off road. The model is the latest addition to BAE’s battle-proven RG range.

The RG35 was launched on 8 September 2009 at the Defence Systems & Equipment International (DSEi) exhibition conducted in London.

BAE Systems has developed a range of RG armoured vehicles. In addition to the RG35, its portfolio also includes RG12, RG31, RG32, RG33, RG34 and RG41.

RG35 mine-protected vehicle orders

The RG35 may be supplied to the South African Army for Project Sepula, which is an armoured personnel carriers replacement programme. The project plans to replace the Casspir and Mamba by 2012.

“The RG35 may be supplied to the South African Army for Project Sepula.”

To replace Casspir and Mamba, the South African Army would require 1,232 RG35 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) vehicles that will be used for its four regular and six reserve motorised infantry battalions. It will also be used for one regular and three reserve internal stability battalions.

RG35 armoured vehicle variants

The RG35 can be customised into a 4×4 as well as a 6×6 configuration. It can also be configured into all variants of a fighting unit, including ambulance, weapon carrier and command posts.

Design and features

The multipurpose fighting vehicle RG35 has been manufactured using experience gained from the development of the RG31 mine-protected vehicle. The vehicle combines the survivability standards of RG31 with the manoeuvrability capabilities of a contemporary combat vehicle.

The vehicle measures 7.4m in length and 2.4m in width, is 2.7m tall and weighs 33,000kg. Excluding the driver, the vehicle can accommodate up to 15 crew, who access the vehicle through rear doors or the roof hatches.

The RG35 has a ground clearance of 458mm and can make a turning circle of a minimum 15m radius. The payload is 14,870kg and, under armour, it measures 15m² in volume.

Optional accessories for the RG35 include crew and engine bay fire suppression systems and a battery power management system.


The vehicle is fitted with a Cummins intercooled diesel engine, which provides 410kW at 550hp. The engine is connected to a ZF6HP manual transmission with six automatic speeds.

“The RG35 was launched on 8 September 2009 at the DSEi exhibition.”

It can be driven at a maximum speed of 115km/h and has an operational range of 600km.

Unlike other MRAP vehicles, the RG35 engine is side-mounted. This creates more internal space and increases over all flexibility. The vehicle is also designed for hybrid electric drive – the engine and gearbox can be removed within half an hour.

Armament and protection

The RG35 can be armed with light and medium turrets and can also carry direct and in-direct fire weapons. The basic version of the vehicle is designed to be equipped with a weapon station that can be remotely controlled. The weapon station can load armaments up to 20mm in calibre.

The vehicle is composed of ballistic steel. It has a v-shaped mine protected hull and armoured glass windows that provide high protection. The RG35 provides STANAG 4569 level 4 protection for its occupants.

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