PARS ALPHA 8x8 is a new-generation AFV with enhanced tactical and combat capabilities. Credit: FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.
The PARS ALPHA 8x8 AFV helps boost mobility, survivability, and durability. Credit: FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.
The PARS ALPHA 8x8 AFV adheres to contemporary military logistics standards. Credit: FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.
The PARS ALPHA 8x8 AFV has a TEBER-II 30/40 two-man or remote-controlled turret. Credit: FNSS Savunma Sistemleri.

The PARS ALPHA 8×8 is a new-generation armoured fighting vehicle (AFV) with enhanced tactical and combat capabilities that meet the current and future needs of the armed forces.

FNSS, a Turkish armoured combat vehicle manufacturer, unveiled the AFV at the World Defense Show held in Malham, Saudi Arabia, in February 2024.

PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV integrates advanced platform design and technologies to boost mobility, survivability, and situational awareness.

It is the newest addition to FNSS’ PARS family of wheeled armoured vehicles that are designed to operate in diverse missions and environments. The PARS family of vehicles include PARS 8×8, PARS 6×6, PARS III 8×8, and PARS IV 8×8 among others that are in service with armies globally.

PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV design and features

The PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV is less than 7.8m long and under 3.1m wide. It has a road height below 2.4m and a transportation height of less than 2.2m. It boasts a power-to-weight ratio exceeding 21hp per tonne.

The next-gen AFV can handle a vertical obstacle of 0.8m, cross trenches up to 2.4m, turn with a radius less than 7.8m, and ford through a water depth of up to 1.2m.

It can accommodate a crew of 12 members, including three in the roles of gunner, driver, and commander, and nine others in an IFV configuration with a remote-controlled turret.

The AFV’s seats are designed to reduce the impact of mine blasts by positioning the driver and commander behind the power pack compartment above the second axle and enhancing crew safety against significant threats from all directions. The updated layout allows occupants to have a 180-degree real-time optical situational awareness.

The flexible structural design and vehicle silhouette allow for a superior low profile while still providing ample internal space through an open architecture.

The PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV adheres to contemporary military logistics standards, making it easily transportable on highways and railways. It is also compatible with various strategic airlifters, including the A400M, C-17 Globemaster, C-5 Galaxy, An-124, and Il-76.

Protection systems

The protection and life-support systems of the vehicle feature high levels of ballistic, mine, and IED protection classified under STANAG 4569.

The vehicle is also equipped with a standard gunshot detection system, smoke grenade dischargers, automatic fire suppression system, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear protection with overpressure and face mask, and standard air conditioning and heater.

It can also be fitted with an optional active protection system and laser warning system.

Navigation and communication systems

The PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV includes a 360-degree situational awareness system with screens and integrated cameras providing clear vision during both day and night for the crew and dismounts. Additionally, it features a driver vision system and an optional battlefield management system.

The communication equipment includes very high-frequency/ultra-high-frequency radios and a crew intercommunication system.

The vehicle also features an electrical system compliant with MIL-STD 1275 and MIL-STD 464 isolated high power for mission equipment and can be equipped with an optional auxiliary power unit.

Weapon systems

The AFV can be equipped with either a TEBER-II 30/40 two-man or remote-controlled turret. A 7.62mm/5.56mm independent overhead remote-controlled weapon system is installed on top of the turret and is integrated with the commander’s panoramic sight system. Two ready-to-fire anti-tank guided missiles are also available supported by an onboard fire control system.

The main armament includes a 30mm/40mm chain gun, and a dual-feed automatic cannon, which can be replaced with a 30 or 40mm barrel. The secondary armament is a 7.62mm machine gun or a 7.62mm chain gun.

Engine details

The PARS ALPHA has a diesel engine that provides a power of 711hp. The transmission is fully automatic with six forward speeds and one reverse speed.


The PARS ALPHA can reach a maximum road speed of 115km/h, creep speed of under 5km/h, and can cover more than 800km in range. It can handle a 70% gradient, and a 40% side slope, and has angles of approach and departure exceeding 55 degrees.

The vehicle has a self-sufficient suspension system, featuring a double wishbone design and hydropneumatic suspension with adjustable ride height. It has four axles, all-wheel drive, and all-wheel steering features.

The transfer case is two-speed, and the service brakes are pneumatic with an anti-lock braking system at each wheel, integral to the driveline. Additionally, it features spring-activated and hydraulically controlled parking brakes.

PARS ALPHA 8×8 AFV variants

The PARS ALPHA 8×8 is available in different variants, including the PARS ALPHA 8×8 120mm/105mm/90mm mobile gun system, PARS ALPHA 8×8 30mm or 40mm New Gen AFV with two-man turret, and the PARS ALPHA 8×8 30mm or 40mm New Gen AFV with remote-controlled turret.

Other variants include PARS ALPHA 8×8 35mm New Gen AFV with remote-controlled turret, PARS ALPHA 8×8 2x120mm armoured mortar vehicle, PARS ALPHA 8×8 2x35mm air defence gun system, PARS ALPHA 8×8 air defence missile system, PARS ALPHA 8×8 combat engineering squad vehicle, and PARS ALPHA 8×8 command control and fire support vehicle.