The Pantsyr-S1 air defence system.
The 57E6 surface-to-air missile.
Launch of the 57E6 surface-to-air missile.
Firing of the two 30mm 2A72 guns.
Targeting and fire control of the Pantsyr S1 air defence missile / gun system.
Pantsyr-S1 carries 12 57E6 surface-to-air missiles on launchers.

Pantsyr S1 close-range air defence system

The Russian Pantsyr S1 close-range air defence system.

Pantsyr-S1 (also known as Pantsir) is a close-in air defence system designed to defend ground installations against a variety of weapons including fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, ballistic and cruise missiles, precision-guided munitions and unmanned air vehicles. It can also engage light-armoured ground targets.

It was designed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau of Tula, Russia, and is manufactured by the Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant, Ulyanovsk, Russia. It has the reporting name SA-22 Greyhound.

Pantsyr S1 air defence missile and gun system

Pantsyr combines two 2A38M 30mm automatic anti-aircraft guns developed from the two-barreled 30mm GSh-30 gun.

The Pantsyr S1 air defence missile / gun system can function in several wave bands and operate on a multimode adaptive radar-optical control system. The system has been designed to engage all target types, especially high-precision weapons, considering their developments as far ahead as 2020-2025. It has a high kill probability of about 0.7 to 0.95 against all targets. Its automatic combat capability makes it operate both autonomously and also as a seperate unit.

Pantsyr S1 orders and deliveries

In May 2000, the United Arab Emirates ordered 50 96K6 Pantsyr-S1 systems, mounted on MAN SX 45 8×8 wheeled vehicles. The order was worth $734m.

"Pantsyr-S1 (Pantsir) is a close-in air defence system designed to defend ground installations against a variety of weapons."

The first batch was delivered in November 2004. However a new radar was requested by the UAE and first deliveries of the completed system took place in 2007.

Syria has placed an order for 50 Pantsyr-S1 systems. Deliveries began in June 2008. Jordan has also placed an order for an undisclosed number of systems.

Pantsyr S1 surface-to-air missiles

Pantsyr-S1 carries 12 57E6 surface-to-air missiles on launchers. The missile has a bicalibre body in tandem configuration, separable booster and sustainer with separation mechanism. The sustainer contains the warhead and contact and proximity fuses. The fragmentation rod warhead weighs 16kg. The missile weighs 65kg at launch and has a maximum speed of 1,100m a second. The range is between 1km and 12km.

Two 2A72 30mm guns are fitted with 750 rounds of a variety of ammunition – HE (high-explosive) fragmentation, fragmentation tracer and armour-piercing with tracer. Ammunition type can be selected by the crew depending on the nature of the target. Maximum rate of fire is 700 rounds a minute. Range is up to 4km.

Fire control system

The Pantsyr-S1 fire control system includes a target acquisition radar and dual waveband tracking radar, which operates in the millimetre and centimetre waveband. Detection range is 30km and tracking range is 24km for a 2cm² to 3cm² target. This radar tracks both targets and the surface-to-air missile while in flight.

As well as radar, the fire control system also has an electro-optic channel with long-wave thermal imager and infrared direction finder, including digital signal processing and automatic target tracking. A simplified, lower-cost version of Pantsyr-S1 is also being developed for export, with only the electro-optic fire control system fitted.

"The radar tracks both targets and the surface-to-air missile while in flight."

The two independent guidance channels – radar and electro-optic – allow two targets to be engaged simultaneously. Maximum engagement rate is 12 targets a minute.

The Pantsyr-S1E systems for the UAE will be fitted with a new MRLS fire control radar. MRLS is a phased array radar operating at 40GHz (K band), with a range of up to 28km.


Pantsyr-S1 is mounted on a 10t Ural-5323 truck chassis with a turret that houses the armament, laying drives, sensors, control equipment and crew.

The Ural-5323 truck is four-axle, 8×8 all-wheel drive with single tyre wheels. The first and second axle wheels are steerable. The engine is an air-cooled diesel Ural-745.10 providing 290hp. The dual-plate mechanical clutch has a pneumatic booster and three-range five-speed gearbox.

A two-stage transfer case has lockable symmetrical interaxle differential. Suspension is by rigid-axle bogie on longitudinal semi-elliptical leaf springs. Front suspension is fitted with hydraulic shock absorbers. The Ural-5323 can ford up to 1.75m of water.

A shelter-based version of the Pantsyr-S1 is also being developed.