MDT Tiger Light Protected Vehicle

The MDT Tiger light protected vehicle (LPV) is a mine protected light all-terrain vehicle manufactured by the Arotech Co


MDT Armor Corporation


5 October 2009


Dodge Ram 5500HD 4×4


Continental MPT 80 12.5×20”


MDT Tiger Light Protected Vehicle

The MDT Tiger Light Protected Vehicle.

The MDT Tiger light protected vehicle (LPV) is a mine protected light all-terrain vehicle manufactured by the Arotech Corporation’s (Arotech) MDT Armor Division. It was launched by Arotech on 5 October 2009 at the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army (AUSA).

It is based on the commercially off-the-shelf Dodge Ram 5500 platform that was launched at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. The vehicle can carry a crew of between six and nine members.

With the inclusion of the MDT Tiger LPV, and the David (light armoured vehicle) and Gideon (armoured mule) vehicles, Arotech’s military armoured vehicles range from 1.5t to 10.5t.

Tiger LPV features

The Dodge Ram platform provides high support and cost-effective maintenance. The shorter cabin allows for easy access to the components. The life-cycle costs of this vehicle are low due to its flexibility and its ability to be removed and mounted onto other platforms, increasing its life cycle.

"The MDT Tiger vehicle can carry a crew of between six and nine members."

The MDT Tiger LPV is 5.60m long, 2.42m wide and 2.39m tall. The vehicle can seat six with optional seating arrangements for up to nine. Seating for a driver, navigator and commander is made available in the front row and the rear can accommodate three to five passengers facing forward. The rear cabin can also accommodate six passengers facing each other. It also has an option for a 2l or 4l MedVac.

The vehicle is accessed through four side doors, a rear door and a roof hatch that allows easy loading and unloading of equipment and soldiers. The MDT Tiger LPV can be modified based on the mission requirements.

Its gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is 8,845kg. At standard armour package, the MDT Tiger LPV can carry a payload of 1,540kg or six passengers plus 900kg of equipment. Based on customised mission requirements, the GVWR and the maximum payload capacity of the vehicle can be upgraded to 10,400kg and 3,080kg, respectively. It has advanced suspension providing a smoother and more comfortable ride for the crew.

The combination of a powerful diesel engine, continental MPT 80 12.5×20in wheels and four-wheel steering drive provides the vehicle a turning radius of 7m.

The four windows of the vehicle allow situational awareness and have options for gunports on all directions for small weapon operations. Further to this, a roof-mounted remote controlled weapon station or a man-operated turret can be fitted to the vehicle.

Defence and self-protection

The vehicle is mine and blast protected and has additional armour options such as reactive armour providing protection from RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and EFP (explosively formed penetrator) charges. The armour is easily detachable, repairable and replaceable.

Cummins 6.7l turbo diesel engine

The MDT Tiger LPV runs on Cummins 6.7l turbo diesel engine that generates 350hp at 3,013rpm. This engine achieves a peak torque of 650lbf at 1,500rpm (reaching a maximum of 3,800rpm) with a six-speed Aisin automatic transmission. Under manual transmission this engine produces peak torque of 610lbf.

"The MDT Tiger is based on the commercially off-the-shelf Dodge Ram 5500 platform."

This engine also has a high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel system, a patented variable geometry turbo and multiple injection events per cycle. The HPCR fuel system has a pressure capability of 1,800bar. This system reduces noise, harshness, carbon emissions and improves fuel economy in the vehicle. The engine is 3dB quieter producing noise 50% less than the older engine models.

The MDT Tiger LPV has a Dana S rear axle and Magna front axles.


The MDT Tiger LPV can traverse all types of terrain, cruising to a range of 610km (with an option for auxiliary tank) with soldiers and equipment. The power steering fitted to the vehicle creates a wheelbase of 3.22m. At maximum payload the vehicle can climb heights up to 0.43m and slide slope at 33°. The approach and departure angle of the vehicle are 42° each.

Under the rear axle and between the axles the MDT Tiger LPV has a ground clearance of 0.30m and 0.40m respectively.

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