KrAZ-Spartan Self-Driving Armoured Vehicle

The KrAZ-Spartan self-driving armoured vehicle is based on the KrAZ Spartan light armoured vehicle, which itself is a licensed variant of STREIT Group's Spartan armoured personnel carrier.


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KrAZ-Spartan self-driving armoured vehicle

The KrAZ-Spartan self-driving armoured vehicle is based on the KrAZ Spartan light armoured vehicle, which itself is a licensed variant of STREIT Group’s Spartan armoured personnel carrier. The vehicle was developed by Public Joint-Stock Company ‘AutoKrAZ’ in partnership with Infocom.

The KrAZ-Spartan autonomous vehicle was unveiled by AutoKrAZ during the Arms and Security 2016 exhibition held in October.

The self-driving vehicle will replace conventional manned armoured vehicles for operations in high-threat zones. It can transport ammunition, food, fuel and medicines to the combat zone and can also carry wounded troops to hospitals. The self-driving platform will avoid risk to human life in case of any attack during these operations, which involve high risk to the lives of vehicle operators.

KrAZ-Spartan design and features

The KrAZ Spartan self-driving vehicle is based on Ford F-550 pick-up truck chassis, which offers higher payload capacity and good cross-country mobility. The vehicle can also be configured for manned operations as it features a crew cab for housing two occupants.

The troop / cargo compartment at the rear allows the carriage of equipment or personnel. It is designed to reduce risks and save lives of troops performing tactical tasks in high-threat combat environments.

The self-driving vehicle measures 6m-long, 2.44m-wide and 2.4m-high, and has a gross weight of 8,800kg. The standard equipment and systems aboard the vehicle include a winch, lighting system, air conditioning / heating system and a spare tyre.

Command and control

The indigenously developed Pilotdrive system on the KrAZ-Spartan integrates a range of special sensors for detecting the surrounding area. The sensors suite includes an infrared camera with automatic target designation and acquisition capability, a 360° field of view video camera, front and rear radars for obstacle detection, distance measuring device, capacitive sensor with detection range of 18m, and signalling system.

"The KrAZ-Spartan autonomous vehicle was unveiled by AutoKrAZ during the Arms and Security 2016 exhibition held in October."

The Pilotdrive system enables the vehicle to measure the width of the road and detect obstacles on the route. The analysis and decision system delivers a quick response and alerts the vehicle to immediately avoid obstacles.

The KrAZ-Spartan autonomous vehicle is operated by a tablet, a smart glove or an operator control station. The real-time information is transferred between control station and vehicle, through WiFi / Wimax wireless networks with a range from 10km to 50km.

The vehicle also integrates a hardware and software suite offering SmartDrive, Teach-inDrive and return-Home driving modes. In SmartDrive mode, the vehicle follows a pre-determined path assigned by the operator, while the Teach-inDrive mode allows the vehicle to store the details of assigned route. The path co-ordinates are transferred from GPS satellites.

The preliminary control functions including stop, autopilot and return home allow the operator to choose an appropriate mode in the event of loss of communication with the unmanned vehicle.

Armament and self-protection

The Spartan self-driving vehicle can be armed with a remotely-controlled weapon station mounting a 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher. It offers CEN Level BR6 protection.

The vehicle’s hull is designed to resist multiple 7.62mm assault rifle rounds from any angle, while the bottom of the vehicle can withstand the blast of two DM51 high-explosive fragmentation hand grenades.

Engine and performance

The vehicle is powered by a Ford 6.7l V8 turbocharged diesel engine mated to six-speed automatic transmission, which develops a power output of 300hp.

The KrAZ-Spartan has a maximum speed of 110km/h and can attain a maximum range of 800km. It has the ability to cross a vertical step of 0.5m and can ford a maximum depth of 1.2m. The gradient and side slopes of the vehicle are 60% and 35% respectively.

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