The Hunter protected personnel vehicle (PPV) offers STANAG 4569 standard protection. Image courtesy of Jankel Armouring Ltd.
The Hunter PPV is based on the chassis of the heavy-duty Toyota Land Cruiser pick-up version. Image courtesy of Jankel Armouring Ltd.
The Hunter PPV counter-terrorist assault system (C-TAS) integrates a ramp and ladder system to perform rescue and assault operation. Image courtesy of Jankel Armouring Ltd.
The Hunter PPV has a maximum cruising speed of 120km/h. Image courtesy of Jankel Armouring Ltd.

Jankel Hunter is a 4×4 protected personnel vehicle (PPV) designed and manufactured by Jankel Armouring, an armoured vehicle and specialist protection systems manufacturer based in the UK.

The Hunter PPV is designed to meet the diverse needs of the armed and security forces. The multi-role armoured vehicle is suitable for missions such as internal security, counter-terrorism, patrol mission, escort, special forces operations, and law enforcement.

Jankel achieved production-ready status for Hunter Tactical Intervention Vehicle (TIV), a variant of the Hunter PPV, in February 2019. The company will build the Hunter TIVs at its Jordan light vehicle manufacturing (JLVM) facility for delivery to a customer based in the Asia-Pacific region.

Hunter PPV variants

Hunter PPV is available in multiple variants to suit the needs of missions such as counter-terrorism, patrol, and internal security.

The Hunter armoured mission vehicle (AMV) variant offers Nato level B6 protection with optional protection upgrade up to STANAG 4569 Annex A level 2 or Nato level B7 protection. It offers under-body mine protection, which can be upgraded to STANAG 4569 Annex B level 2a. The AMV can accommodate up to five crew members on BLASTech blast-attenuating seats.

The Hunter TIV variant is custom-built to the requirements of the customers. It offers greater internal and stowage capacity and can be further configured to suit the protection and agility requirements.

Hunter PPV design and features

The Hunter armoured vehicle is based on the rugged Toyota land cruiser platform, which offers versatile operational combinations with superior 360° protection levels in compliance with Nato standards.

The open architecture of the vehicle allows for customised fabrication of the cabin and peripheral attachments. The vehicle accommodates two crew members in the front and six personnel in the rear. It can be configured with bench seating or individual seating.

It features up-rated body mountings, multiple gun ports, window protection grill, vision blocks, and a roof-mounted protected patrol hatch. The forward crew cabin integrates an air-conditioning system with a heating option, while the rear compartment features secondary air-conditioning and heating insulation.

The Hunter is 5.1m-long, 1.8m-wide and 2.2m-high and has a gross weight of 4,700kg and payload capacity of 900kg.

It has convoy lighting, infrared (IR) lighting system and vehicle black-out system conforming to military standards. It can be optionally integrated with incident recording system through strategically placed cameras. The protected personnel vehicle can be fitted with a range of communication systems.

The electrical system of the vehicle includes 12V alternators and deep-cycle batteries working on a dual charge system. The vehicle also features 12V power outlets at various locations in the cabin.

Hunter PPV self-protection features

Hunter PPV’s crafted armoured hull is designed to provide greater ballistic and blast protection. It deflects the blast impact and reduces blast traps.

The passenger compartment and the engine bay of the vehicle come with Nato Level B7 protection, which can be optionally upgraded to STANAG 4569 Annex A level 1 or level 2 protection.

The PPV’s floor and fuel tank can withstand the impact of DM51 hand grenades, while the under-body protection can be further enhanced to STANAG 4569 Annex B levels 1 or 2.

Hunter PPV engine and mobility

The standard variant of the Jankel Hunter vehicle is powered by a turbo-charged 4.2l inter-cooled engine coupled to a five-speed manual gearbox. The maximum power output of the engine is 168bhp at 3,800rpm.

The vehicle can reach a maximum cursing speed of 120km/h and attain a maximum range of 1,000km. It features heavy-duty breaks and suspensions system and wheels equipped with Hutchinson 50km run-flat system.

Hunter PPV is available in left-hand drive and right-hand drive options. The left-hand drive variant features 4l petrol engine, while the right-hand drive version comes with a 4.5l diesel engine.

Jankel Hunter PPV counter-terrorist assault system (C-TAS)

The C-TAS system is a ramp and ladder system, which can be integrated into the standard Hunter vehicle. It enables the special counter-terrorism forces to perform rescue operations.

The C-TAS system can be configured to perform assault and rescue operations on buildings, trains, ships, and wide-bodied jets such as B747 and A380.