The HX3 high mobility military truck is designed for tactical and logistics operations. Credit: Rheinmetall Defence.
The HX 10x10 truck-based Howitzer is equipped with an artillery truck interface. Credit: Rheinmetall Defence.
The System Carrier (8x8-6) variant of the HX3 family provides increased cargo payload capacity. Credit: Rheinmetall Defence.

The HX3 series of future-proof military trucks is being offered by German company Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) for logistics and tactical missions.

Unveiled in May 2021, the HX3 is the latest member of RMMV’s HX heavy-duty military trucks series, which includes the HX and HX2 ranges. The HX3 family comprises military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) vehicles that are designed to operate under challenging conditions and difficult terrains.

The new range of trucks provides better situational awareness and are designed for frontline deployment and increased survivability. The next-generation vehicle will be available in 4×4, 6×6, 8×8 and 10×10 configurations that will enable simplified operation and enhanced crew protection.

HX3 design details

The HX3 vehicle has a gross weight ranging between 38t and 50t and can operate in temperatures between -32°C and 49°C. It can accommodate three occupants. The vehicle has a height of more than 4m when fitted with the Rheinmetall SNAKE remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS).

The HX3 trucks feature a new integrated armour cabin with improved ergonomics and completely redesigned interiors. The modernised cabin will provide enhanced protection against threats such as mines, blasts, and improvised explosive devices (IED). It is equipped with a large windscreen and side windows for improved field of vision for the driver.

The modern interior design features an integrated dashboard with air conditioning. With increased stowage space above the crew’s heads and in front of the seats, the vehicle can accommodate command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence (C4I) and personal equipment.

Automated systems and advanced technologies

The HX3 truck is integrated with new MAN electronic and electric (EE)-architecture and advanced driver assistance systems such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), emergency brake assist (EBA), and lane departure warning (LDW) to assist the crew while driving.

The automated systems increase the safety of the occupants by warning the driver about potential collisions and providing braking assistance. The future-proof design and the digital interface will allow the potential integration of technologies in the future for autonomous applications.

The HX3 truck can also be added with an optional armoured cab. Furthermore, the digital stealth mode of the vehicle will help reduce its digital signature by switching off all the data transmission and receiver functions, depending on mission requirements.

Weapons and protection systems

The SeaSnake integrated into the HX3 vehicle is a remote-controlled, semi-automatic, stabilised close-in weapon system (CIWS). It has an optional electro-optical (E/O) sensor unit and a multi-target tracker that allows simultaneous tracking of multiple targets.

The truck’s reinforced roof can be accommodated with weapon stations with high-calibre weapons for active self-defence. Additional active and passive protection systems, including Rheinmetall’s rapid obscuring system (ROSY) and the very short-range ADS active defence system can also be optionally installed in the truck.

Engine and mobility

The HX3 trucks are powered by F34 compatible MAN D26 Euro II, V, and VIe engines. The vehicle can be equipped with the ZF TraXon (automated) or the ZF Ecolife7 (fully automatic) transmission system.

The HX3 has a NATO STANAG standard fording capability of up to 1,500mm. It provides high mobility and superior off-road performance. The vehicle features different driving modes, the driving level control option and active damping capabilities that control the shocks and vibrations during off-road use.

HX3 prototype variants details

The HX3 System Carrier (8×8-6) is equipped with a universal torsion-resistant subframe (UTRS), Load Handler (8×8) with automated load handling system (ALHS), and truck-based Howitzer (10×10) with 155mm gun capability prototype variants.

The assembled UTRS frees up the installation space and increases the overall cargo payload capacity. It separates the torsion forces between the flexible HX chassis and sensitive truck bodies. The UTRS system provides interoperability across container frames, tanker, tray, and system carrier applications.

The ALHS improves soldier protection and eliminates the burden of manually applying X-frames. A single operator is enough to manage the whole loading process.

The HX 10×0 truck-based Howitzer offers enhanced firing capabilities and improved mobility in tactical and strategic missions. The Howitzer with the newly developed artillery truck interface (ATI) can serve as a standard base for different artillery systems.