Fennek 2 is a family of wheeled armoured vehicles being developed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), a company based in Germany. It is a twin-engine version of the Fennek armoured reconnaissance vehicle, which is in service with the German Army (Bundeswehr) and Royal Netherlands Army. The new vehicle is intended to meet the present and future requirements of the German Army and other international customers.

KMW announced the development of Fennek 2 (GP-F2) in May 2008. It unveiled Future Fennek Technology (GP-F2T), the first prototype of generic platform for the Fennek vehicles, at Eurosatory 2008 Land and Airland Defence and Security international exhibition, held in June 2008.

Fennek 2 design features

Fennek 2 incorporates an all-welded steel armour hull integrating spacious crew and cargo/passenger compartments.

Fennek 2 incorporates an all-welded steel armour hull integrating spacious crew and cargo/passenger compartments. The large usable internal volume between the vehicle axles allows the integration of mission specific modules. The modular approach provides the vehicle with a multi-role capability. The twin engines mounted at forward and rear positions drive front and rear axles through independent drives.

The Fennek 2 family of vehicles include two chassis configurations. The 4×4 variant can accommodate two crew members, while the 6×6 configuration can house up to six personnel. The two configurations feature similar components and sub-systems.

Fennek 2 has a length of 5m to 6.4m, a width of 2.5m and a height of 2.1m. Based on the mission specific module fitted on the vehicle, the combat weight varies between 7.5t and 24t.


Fennek 2 can be armed with an overhead weapon station mounted with 7.62mm machine gun or a .50 calibre machine gun and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

Fennek 2 self-protection

The Fennek 2 is equipped with a highly protected vehicle cell. The vehicle can protect the crew from 7.62mm armour-piercing attack and shell splinters, as well as ballistic, mine and IED threats.

The add-on armour on the vehicle cell provides protection against hand-held anti-tank weapons. The vehicle can be fitted with various armour modules offering a high level of ballistic protection. The protection levels vary with the mission variant.

The vehicle can also be equipped to protect the occupants from the potential risks of nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) contamination. The lower silhouette of the Fennek 2 will further reduce the infrared and radar signatures.


Fennek 2 is powered by two diesel engines mated with two digitally coupled independent drive systems. Each engine develops a maximum power output of 150kW. The power to weight ratio of the engine is 20kW/t. The driver can operate either forward or aft engines or both together according to the requirement.

The power pack provides a maximum speed of over 100km/hr. The two engine compartments are equipped with fire extinguishing system.

Fennek 2 mobility

The twin-engine Fennek 2 offers excellent mobility and manoeuvrability in cross-country conditions. The mobility is further enhanced by the redundant drive components of the vehicle. The crew can even run the vehicle in the event of front axle drive train failure as the second sub-system (rear axle drive train) ensures the mobility of the vehicle.

The highly mobile Fennek 2 is designed for carrying out autonomous missions lasting up to five days.

Fennek 2 can be fitted with central tyre inflation system, which allows the driver to adjust tire pressure according to the terrain conditions. The vehicle is also equipped with advanced suspension characteristics enhancing the mobility.

The vehicle can negotiate forward slopes of 60% and side slopes of 30%, and has maximum range of over 1,000km.

The highly mobile Fennek 2 is designed for carrying out autonomous missions lasting up to five days. The vehicles can be air-transported for rapid deployment in distant areas.

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