The eXV-1™ is a four-wheeled, ultra-light, stealth utility vehicle. Image courtesy of MILSPRAY.
A dual-purpose blast mitigating skid plate is fixed below the hull for protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other ground level threats. Image courtesy of MILSPRAY.
The vehicle can accommodate up to four personnel. Image courtesy of MILSPRAY.
The exterior of the vehicle is covered with anti-corrosive coating. Image courtesy of MILSPRAY.
The vehicle runs at a top speed of 60mph. Image courtesy of MILSPRAY.

eXV-1 Ultra-Light Stealth Utility Vehicle

The eXV-1™ is a highly maneuverable and transportable state-of-the-art, 4×4 ultra-light mission vehicle that was designed and developed by MILSPRAY for special operating forces. The vehicle offers enhanced endurance parameters, increased protection and enemy detection avoidance capabilities. The MILSPRAY eXV-1 is operationally configured for C-130, V-22 and CH-47 aircraft and is air droppable.

MILSPRAY will introduce the eXV-1 to the international market place at the International Armoured Vehicle (IAV) conference and exhibition to be held in London between 26 and 29 January 2015. MILSPRAY engineers have already presented briefings and information to the US and international military forces.

Design features of the ultra-light utility vehicle

The eXV-1 is protected by a lightweight, laboratory and field-tested composite armour. The vehicle accommodates four personnel with full equipment and offers ballistic protection for critical components and occupants.

"The MILSPRAY eXV-1 is operationally configured for C-130, V-22 and CH-47 aircraft and is air droppable."

The vehicle can be configured as a two-person utility cargo vehicle. Customers can also configure the vehicle according to their mission-specific requirements.

Armament and ballistic protection

The eXV-1 is currently fitted with an overhead weapons mount and one swing-arm universal weapons mount. The weapon mounts can be fitted for mission-specific operations weapon systems and can be outfitted with additional weapon mounts.

The independently tested level UL-7 composite armour protects the crew against small arms fire. The dual-purpose blast mitigating skid plate under the hull safeguards the vehicle and its occupants from ground level threats. The eXV-1 contains blast and ballistic resistant technology that was derived from MILSPRAY’s development efforts with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL).

The exterior of the vehicle is coated with MILSPRAY’s proprietary Tough Coat™. Tough Coat is a lightweight, anti-corrosive coating system that provides protection from corrosion, scratches and other deteriorations. The coating system ensures a chemically bonded integration of chemical agent resistant coatings (CARC) offering ocular camouflage, while reducing infrared (IR) signature. This innovative solution avoids detection under visual and IR surveillance.

Engines and performance

The vehicle is powered by 160kW peak power electric motor coupled with high-performance lithium-polymer batteries. The batteries are externally rechargeable with 120V AC (15A) or 240V AC (30A) outlet. The electric drive propulsion generates lower acoustic and thermal signatures than an internal combustion engine, which vastly reduces the signature of the vehicle while providing a greater level of security to the occupants.

Baserunner is a 4×4 selectable gas / electric hybrid utility vehicle developed by Textron Marine & Land Systems.

The vehicle offers a range of 483km (300 miles) comprised a 50-mile, all-electric range provided by the batteries and an additional 250 miles of diesel or JP-8 jet fuel range extension.

The eXV-1 can operate in temperature ranging between -25°F and 120°F. It has towing capacity of 1,000lb and can carry a payload of 1,000lb. It is equipped to off-board power of 6kW (240V AC) in addition to an auxiliary 12V / 24V DC power supply.

eXV-1 mobility

The eXV-1 has a maximum speed of 96.5km/h (60mph) and elevation operating range of up to 10,000ft. It is fitted with four 26in run-flat bead-lock tires. An adjustable double-A arm independent suspension on all the four wheels ensures a ground clearance of 10in and mobility on the most demanding terrains.

The vehicle also features fording capability for operations over water bodies and can be fitted with infrared lights for night driving.

Marketing commentary on MILSPRAY

MILSPRAY is a certified small business that specialises in services and technologies including mobile corrosion prevention and control services for vehicles and equipment, deployable renewable energy systems, vehicle wash systems, weapons repair, touch-up paints, speciality coatings and applied research and development. Their new innovative products include the Ballistic Resistant System™ for law enforcement and the eXV-1 electric drive, light utility vehicle.

MILSPRAY provides its products, systems and services to the US Department of Defense (DOD), government agencies, law enforcement and commercial customers, domestically and internationally. These services and technologies are designed to extend the useful life of military vehicles, aircraft, ships, weapons and equipment.

In addition, MILSPRAY is a developer and manufacturer of renewable energy systems for the military, disaster relief and commercial use.

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