Cameleon IV440 Modular Mission Vehicle

Cameleon IV440 is a modular mission system (MMS) vehicle designed and manufactured by the Ovik Group based in Dorset, UK. The vehicle was designed and developed in 2010. It is designed on the Iveco 4×4 chassis platform by incorporating many new multifunction mission modules.

The Cameleon IV440 offers fleet managers and mission commanders a range of specialist mission modules for combat support, operations across combat, as well as combat service support functions by providing force packaging flexibility. The vehicles can be used for multipurpose tasks including casualty evacuation, specialist combat engineering tasks, indirect fire support and force command.

Cameleon IV440 modular vehicle design

"Cameleon IV440 was designed by Jez Hermer, the Ovik design team lead, along with Dick Woods, Chief Design Engineer at Ovik."

Cameleon IV440 was designed by Jez Hermer, the Ovik design team lead, along with Dick Woods, Chief Design Engineer at Ovik.

Based on the Iveco 4×4 chassis, the Cameleon IV440 light weight vehicle is a 4×4 bespoke mission module which is suitable for defense, civil, commercial and emergency operations.

The Cameleon was transformed from a commercial COTS to rugged combat vehicle. The vehicle is 5,432mm in length and 2,016mm in width. It weighs 5.5 tons. It has a wheelbase of 3,400mm and front overhang of 900mm.

The vehicle can accommodate a driver and two passengers in the front car and up to ten passengers in the rear car. It is fitted with high output alternator for providing maximum power.

All Cameleon IV440 vehicles are fitted with Hutchinson run flat tyres. They are also fitted with standard front and rear recovery winches.

They can be equipped with heating or air-conditioned environmental control systems. They are provided with frontal aspect reinforcement and crew roll protection. The repair and recovery vehicles can be fitted with high payload hydraulic recovery winches and HVAC systems.

Development of the UK manufactured modular mission vehicle

Ovik Group teamed up with Iveco Defense Vehicles and other specialist suppliers for developing the vehicle. Exmoor Trim provided the front cab combat seating system. The external front cab roll cage and roof hatch of the vehicle were designed in association with Chasesteads engineers.

Ovik Group developed a joint strategy with Iveco Defense Vehicles for the future development and marketing of the vehicle. The weapon systems of the vehicle were developed in collaboration with Plattmounts Weapon Mounting Systems.

Weapons and armaments onboard

The vehicles are fitted with 7.62mm light machine gun main armament on the swing mount. They can be fitted with secondary armaments including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 12.7mm (.50 cal) and 40mm grenade launchers. The vehicles also provide self defense capability for the crew.

The Cameleon IV440 is powered by an Iveco four cylinder, 3 litre turbocharged diesel engine with 202kW (176 hp) of engine power. The vehicles have primary fuel tank and an auxiliary tank with range of 600km.

Variations of the Cameleon IV440 modular mission vehicle

Cameleon IV440 variants include patrol modules, troop carrier modules, ambulance modules, casualty evacuation modules, fuel bowser modules, repair and recovery modules, command modules, special operations modules and expanding box modules.

"Cameleon IV440 is a modular mission system (MMS) vehicle designed and manufactured by the Ovik Group based in Dorset, UK."

A mortar module is currently under development stage. The patrol module variant is designed with emphasis on mobility and fire power. The troop carrier variant is fitted with flexible defense weapons, with emphasis on payload and mobility.

The special operations variant is designed with cut down the front cab and with folding windscreen and roll cage.

The mortar variant vehicle is designed with emphasis on indirect firepower and payload. The command variant is designed with emphasis on payload, mobility and power budget.

The causality variant can carry four causalities. The repair and recovery variant is equipped with a one ton HIAB crane, winch, compressor and tool bins. The expanding box variant is fitted with integrated electrical services for emergency operations. The fuel bowser variant can be fitted with 1,800 litre fuel tank.

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