The BVP M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) of the Serbian Armed Forces. Image courtesy of Kos93.
The Serbian BVP M-80A fitted with two 30mm Foka self-propelled anti-aircraft guns on display at the 'Partner 2011' military fair. Image courtesy of Kos93.
The front arc of the BVP M-80A can resist 20mm armour-piercing grenades. Image courtesy of Sturmvogel 66.
The BVP M-80A is armed with a 20mm cannon, 7.62mm co-axial machine gun and Maljutka (AT-3 Sagger) wire guided anti-tank missiles. Image courtesy of Kos93.
A close view of the anti-aircraft guns fitted on the M-80A Infantry Fighting Vehicle of the Serbian Armed Forces. Image courtesy of Srđan Popović.

BVP M-80 and M-80A are light-armoured tracked amphibious vehicles. The vehicles are deployed in the transportation of infantry combat units. They can also be used to engage ground and aerial based targets within the range of onboard weapons.

"BVP M-80 and M-80A are light-armoured tracked amphibious vehicles."

The infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) are currently operated by the Serbian Armed Forces (SAF), Croatian Army, Slovenian Armed Forces and Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The IFVs were manufactured by FAMOS factory in Hrasnica, Bosnia.

BVP M80 is the initial variant equipped with the French-made HS 115-2 engine delivering 191kW power. The variant entered service in 1979. It was fitted with Yugoslavian-made weapon systems in 1982. The company rolled-out an upgraded M80A IFV model to replace the M-80 in 1984.

M80A is an improved variant with more powerful engine and armament. About 800 M-80 / M80-A vehicles were manufactured before the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

BVP M-80 / M-80A variation models

BVP M-80A was offered in several mission variants, such as the M-80AK infantry fighting vehicle, M-80A1 infantry fighting vehicle, M-80A KC company commander’s vehicle, M-80A KB battalion commander’s vehicle, M-80 VK command post vehicle, M-80A LT anti-tang guided missile carrier, M-80A Sn armoured ambulance, Model 30/2 anti-aircraft system, SAVA surface-to-air missile system and MOS minelayer.

BVP M-80 / M-80A design and features

The M-80A features an all-welded steel hull. The vehicle accommodates a three-man crew and seven fully equipped infantrymen.

The troop compartment at the rear is provided with two doors at the back of the vehicle. Eight firing ports on the troop compartment allow the troops to use personal armament against the enemy from inside the vehicle.

The M-80A has a length of 6.4m, width of 3m and height of 2.2m. The combat weight of the vehicle is 13,850kg. The vehicle has an operational range of 500km.

Weapon systems of the light-armoured tracked amphibious vehicles

The M-80A is armed with a 20mm M-55 (HS 804) cannon and PKT 7.62mm co-axial machine gun. The gun can engage aircraft within a range of 1,500m and ground targets within a distance of 2,000m.

The vehicle is also fitted with two launchers for Maljutka (AT-3 Sagger) wire guided anti-tank missiles. Two additional missiles are also mounted on the vehicle.

Observation and control

The driver has a single-piece hatch cover provided with three day periscopes. The centre periscope can be replaced with an infrared device for driving at night.

The commander has a cupola with 360° traverse and a day periscope. An infra-red search light fitted to the front part of the commander’s cupola can be operated from inside the vehicle.

The gunner is provided with a day or night sighting system. Three day vision blocks are mounted on the left and rear sides of the turret.

There are two forward-facing periscopes and a single-piece hatch cover fitted to the turret roof. The troop compartment has eight periscopes and two roof mounted hatches.

Self-protection systems and armour of the widely used BVP M-80 / M-80A IFVs

The front arc of the vehicle can withstand 20mm armour-piercing grenades. The armour hinged to the other parts of the vehicle provides protection against 7.62mm armour-piercing rounds fired from a range of 100m.

"The infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) are currently operated by the Serbian Armed Forces (SAF)."

The upper part of the undercarriage is attached with add-on armour plates for extra protection.

The M-80A is equipped with a smoke-laying system, NBC protection and a fire suppression system with automatic and manual operation too.

The BVP M-80A is powered by FAMOS 10V003 diesel engine developing 235kW. The engine provides a maximum road speed of 65km/h and maximum amphibious speed of 7.8 km/h. The fully amphibious vehicle is propelled in the water by its tracks without any preparation.

The vehicle is equipped with torsion bar suspension. The five rubber-tyred road wheels on either side are identical to those fitted on the Nexter Systems AMX-10P.

Each unit is provided with drive sprocket at the front and idler at the rear. The forward and back end road wheel stations are fitted with hydraulic shock-absorbers.

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