BPM-97 Armoured Personnel Carrier

The BPM-97 4×4 wheeled multipurpose armoured personnel carrier was developed by Russia-based company Kamaz (Kamskiy Avtomobilny Zavod) for the Russian Army and security forces.

It is deployed primarily in troop and cargo transportation, peacekeeping, patrol and escort missions. Secondary roles include transportation of explosives and valuable goods.

BPM-97 is also known as Kamaz-43269 Vystrel. Kamaz demonstrated the BPM-97 at IDEX 2007 in Abu-Dhabi, UAE.

BPM-97 armoured personnel carrier development

“The vehicle is being manufactured at Kamaz’s Remdizel plant in Naberezhnye Chelny.”

The vehicle is being manufactured at Kamaz’s Remdizel plant in Naberezhnye Chelny. The hull of the vehicle is built by Kurgan who is the manufacturer of the BMP infantry fighting vehicle range.

The completed hull form is transported to the Remdizel plant for integrating the automotive components and other equipment.

BPM-97 was originally intended to replace GAZ-66 vehicles of the Russian border forces. In August 2008, the Russian Ministry of Defence ordered BPM-97 vehicles for the Russian Army.

The vehicles are also in service with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Primarily intended for military and security forces, BPM-97 vehicles were also delivered for civil purposes.

BPM-97 APC design and features

The vehicle is based on the truck chassis of Kamaz-4326 Mustang. The conventional design houses an engine in the front, crew cab in the centre and troop section in the rear. The combat weight of the vehicle is 10.5t.  BPM-97 has a length of 5.3m, width of 1.9m and height of 2.3m with weapon station.

The vehicle can accommodate 12 personnel including the driver and commander. The two-piece forward wind screen is fitted with bullet-proof glass. It is covered with an armoured sheet when the vehicle is not in motion.

The vehicle features side and rear doors as well as roof hatches for entry and exit of the occupants. Firing ports on either side of the troop compartment enable the infantrymen to aim and fire their weapons from inside of the vehicle. Standard equipment includes a lighting system and self-recovery winch.

Armament of the BPM-97 4×4 wheeled multipurpose armoured personnel carrier

The vehicle is fitted with a roof-mounted rotating weapon station which includes a 14.5mm KPVT heavy machine gun or 12.7mm machine gun, a 30mm grenade launcher and an anti-tank missile system. There are also launchers for firing smoke grenades.

BPM-97 can also accept various other weapon systems based on the turret configuration. The vehicle, fitted with BTR-80 type turret, can mount a sighting device with 30mm cannon or 30mm ASG-30 automatic grenade launchers.

Self-protection equipment and armour

The armoured hull protects the crew from small arms fire and explosions. The front arc upper body can withstand 12.7mm rounds fired from the distance of 300m and the lower part can resist 7.62mm SVD sniper rifle rounds from a range of 1-30m.

The V-shaped hull bottom reduces the blast impact by deflecting the blast impact away from the vehicle. The vehicle can be fitted with 16mm armour plates for high level of ballistic protection.

Engine power

BPM-97 is powered by a Kamaz-740.10-20 eight-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine coupled to electrically controlled gear box. The engine develops a maximum power output of 240hp. The two fuel tanks fitted outside the cabin are protected by armour plates. The vehicle has a maximum road speed of 90km/h and operational range of 1,100km.

Mobility of the Russian BPM-97 armoured personnel carrier

BPM-97 is an all-time four-wheel drive vehicle. It demonstrates high mobility in various types of terrains.

“Secondary roles include transportation of explosives and valuable goods.”

It is equipped with locking differentials and central tyre inflation system. The vehicle can operate at temperatures ranging from -45°C to +50°C, with relative air humidity of 98%.

The vehicle can negotiate wind speeds of up to 30mps at high altitudes of up to 4,500m. BPM-97 has a ground clearance of 365mm. The vehicle can cross a vertical object of 0.6m and a trench of 1.2m.

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