The ATX8 cargo/troop carrier is a heavy-duty tactical truck that carries payloads of up to 21,000kg in rigid cross-country conditions. Image courtesy of TATRA, a. s.
The ATX8 cargo/troop carrier is equipped with cab-over-engine (COE) type crew cab and cargo compartment. Image courtesy of TATRA, a. s.
The ATX8 cargo/troop carrier is equipped with Tatra Tactical Chassis Technology and independent suspension for delivering high mobility on the most difficult terrains. Image courtesy of TATRA, a. s.

ATX8 High-Mobility

The ATX8 8×8 cargo/troop carrier is a highly-mobile heavy-duty tactical truck jointly developed by Navistar Defence and Tatra. The truck is designed for conducting missions in rigid cross-country conditions.

The ATX8 cargo/troop carrier was first unveiled at the Eurosatory international exhibition in June 2010. The vehicles are being produced and marketed in North America by Navistar Defence under an agreement made with Tatra.

The equipment and spares for Tatra trucks sold in countries outside of North America are provided by Tatra through the global service network of Navistar.

ATX8 design features

"The truck is designed for conducting missions in rigid cross-country conditions."

The ATX8 cargo/troop carrier is based on the Tatra chassis and suspension systems powered by Navistar engine. The chassis is designed to resist the impact generated by twisting and bending forces. The platform is ideal for transporting people or sensitive loads as it transfers low vibrations to the payload.

The cab-over-engine (COE) type crew cab is built of corrosion resistant steel material. The entry and exit are provided through two doors and a roof hatch. The cab can accommodate up to four members of crew. It is also equipped with rifle racks, sun visors and a HVAC unit.

The truck can carry 16 troops, or different types of payloads weighing up to 21,000kg. The vehicle can be optionally fitted with a remotely operated crane. The hydraulic crane, with 240kNm capacity, can load up to 5,500kg of goods and recover other vehicles.

ATX8 has a length of 9.7m, width of 2.48m, height of 2.89m, and a wheel base of 4.9m. The gross vehicle weight is 38,000kg.


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GPV Colonel 8x8x8 Armoured Personnel Carrier

The General Purpose Vehicles (GPV) company, based in New Haven, Michigan, has developed a system of wheeled medium tactical vehicles, which include a family of trucks and a family of armoured personnel carriers.

The crew cabin is available in both short and extended versions fitted with soft skin as well as add-on armour kits. The basic cabin offers Level 1/2 armour protection. The vehicle can be fitted with ballistic and blast protected cabin offering up to STANAG Level 3/4 protection. The protected cabin can survive hits from the armour piercing (AP) rounds, high-explosive (HE) projectiles, and anti-tank (AT) mines.

MaxxForce 12.4D engine

ATX8 is powered by a MaxxForce D12.4 water cooled, four stroke turbo-charged and charge air-cooled direct injection diesel engine coupled to Allison 4500SP automatic transmission (six gears forward/one reverse). The JP8/military fuel compatible engine is equipped with Electronic Control Module (ECM). The engine provides a maximum speed of 115km/h and a cruising range of 1,100km.

The MaxxForce D 12.4 engine is specially designed to power medium-to-heavy wheeled vehicles and medium tracked military vehicles. It generates a power output of 450bhp and maximum torque of 1,972Nm at 1,000rpm. The transfer box fitted to the vehicle is TATRA 2.30 TRK 0.9/2.4.


"The vehicle can negotiate a gradient of 55% and a side slope of 45%."

The ATX8 vehicle demonstrates high-mobility on even the most difficult cross-country conditions, thanks to its Tatra Tactical Chassis Technology and independent suspension. The front and rear TATRA steered and driven swing half-axles are equipped with differential locks, inter-axle differential lock, and telescopic shock absorbers. The strong 3D structure chassis mostly avoids the torsional and bending forces on the body.

The independent suspension provides air spring at each wheel position. Each wheel rotates independently with maximum tire-to-ground contact. The Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS) allows the adjustment of pressure in each tire to improve the ride quality on various surfaces. The vehicle has wedge type self-adjustable drum brake units equipped with anti-lock braking system. The all drive-line parts including differentials are covered by backbone tube to avoid ground contact, dust and water.

The ATX8 is also equipped with a ride height control system. It allows the driver to alter the chassis height on the move according to the terrain and also enables the loading of the vehicle into a C-130 aircraft.

The vehicle can negotiate a gradient of 55% and a side slope of 45%. It can cross a vertical step of 0.6m and trenches of 2.1m width. It is also capable of fording a water depth of 1.5m.

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