All Terrain Mobile Platform (ATMP) is a 6×6 wheeled vehicle manufactured by Supacat. Image courtesy of Think Defence.
The all-terrain vehicle can carry 1.5t of payload. Image courtesy of Think Defence.
The maximum speed of the ATMP vehicle is 60km/h. Image courtesy of Think Defence.

All Terrain Mobile Platform (ATMP) is a lightweight 6×6 wheeled vehicle designed and developed by Supacat, a part of SC Group.

The ATMP vehicle is used in a range of military operations including drop zone clearance, troop support and re-supply, airfield logistics support, firefighting, maritime launch and recovery as well as electrical and mechanical engineering logistic support.

The high-mobility vehicle provides immediate cross-country mobility support for airborne and air-mobile forces on the ground as it can be transferred by aerial platforms.

More than 200 ATMP vehicles are in service with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD), foreign militaries and other non-defence customers. ATMP was also deployed in Afghanistan, Bosnia, and the Gulf War.

All Terrain Mobile Platform development

Supacat currently offers third-generation ATMP vehicle to its customers. The company launched the ATMP MkIV concept vehicle at the Landforces 2014 exhibition held in Brisbane, in September 2014.

The diesel-powered ATMP is currently undergoing an engine refurbishment that will transform it into an electric/hybrid vehicle. The hybrid ATMP is the first platform in the Supacat range and is intended to meet the future requirements of the British Army.

A complete electric or hybrid electric propulsion can be added to the base vehicle architecture of the latest versions. The new propulsion options with exportable power and optional manning capability will complement the conventional diesel version.

ATMP modernisation programme

Supacat announced the modernisation programme of its ATMP during the Defence Vehicle Dynamics (DVD) 2018 exhibition held in Bedford, UK, in September 2018. The programme aims to address obsolescence issues and also support the development of future hybrid technologies and automation of the platform.

Supacat collaborated with the University of Exeter under a knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) to develop an alternative drive solution. The modernisation programme will cover engine and drivetrain upgrades as well as the management of legislative requirements and human-machine interface.

The hybrid ATMP (H-ATMP) will reduce logistics burden and ensure silent operations while also serving as mobile battery charging platform.

Supacat aims to develop a fully autonomous vehicle with a mule concept of follow on vehicles and improve capabilities to cater both defence and civilian users operating in dangerous or challenging environments.

Design and features of ATMP

The 6×6 platform features a steel rectangular hollow section (RHS) chassis frame forming the body of the vehicle. Made of graded aluminium, the body of the ATMP is designed to protect most of the mechanical components.

The ATMP vehicle has a length of 3.44m, width of 1.93m, and height of 1.87m. The load length and load height of the vehicle are 1.46m and 0.92m respectively. The gross vehicle weight is 3,500kg while its kerb weight is 1,900kg. The maximum payload capacity of the ATMP is 1600kg.

The ATMP can be fitted with optional equipment such as self-recovery winch, remote weapons station, weapon mounts, smoke grenade launchers, infrared (IR) lights, and RHD or LHD system.

Engine and mobility

The ATMP vehicle is powered by 1.9l turbo diesel engine which generates a power output of 58kW. Other power-plant options include a 1.5l turbo diesel engine and generator as well as a fully-electric module integrating individually controlled axle-mounted electric motors. The all-terrain vehicle has the capacity to store up to 65l of fuel.

The front four wheels are controlled by the power-assisted steering while the vehicle is also equipped with the skid steer drive. The wheels are fitted with 31/15.5 R16 tyres.

The minimum ground clearance of the ATMP is 0.22m. The approach/departure angle of the vehicle is 45˚ while its fording depth is 0.6m.

The Supacat ATMP has a maximum speed of 60km/h and can attain a maximum road range of 850km.