Key Facts

Application: Tent and container air conditioning
Features: Compact or split system in modular design
Cooling capacity: 5 kW, 7 kW, 10 kW, 12 kW, 15 kW
Heating capacity: 5 kW, 7 kW, 10 kW

The Weiss Module-R system consists of a compact evaporator, condenser module and weiss control unit that can be configured in order to obtain a full range of air conditioning needs for military tents and containers.

  • Cooling capacity 5kW to 15kW at 55°C
  • Designed for extreme operational conditions: -40°C up to 55°C
  • Available in three compact sizes
  • Weiss defence control unit with controller-area network bus (CAN-BUS) offering limitless control options
  • Complies with military standards
  • Easily customised to meet operational requirements and budget
  • Reduces setup, operation and service time
  • Decreases spare parts cost and documentations
  • System easily upgradable for future needs
  • All Weiss Module-R products can interact using the Weiss defence control unit (WDCU)

The WDCU is:

  • Extremely shock-resistant and waterproof
  • CAN-BUS communication with limitless control options
  • Feedback of useful system data to users and maintenance crew
  • Enables energy savings
  • Reduces noise

The WDCU control panels are:

  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Robust and reliable
  • Start the Module-R AC system
  • Choose one of three operation modes
  • Provide a set point for the inside temperature
  • Choose fan speed in ventilation mode