VITAVIC 400 is a true software-defined (SD) fully digital intercom. The SD system is a DSP & FPGA design with the end user in mind, allowing control and manipulation of functionality at user level in the field as and when needed.


  • Solutions for vehicles with up to 21 crew members and 6 combat radios
  • Fully upgradeable and easily programmable via a standard laptop with no down time required
  • Operate with any encrypted peripherals and signals with no manufacturer input required
  • Fully analogue and digital alarms capable
  • Suitable for heeled and lighter tracked armoured, and patrol vehicles
  • System also supports heads up operation via the VITAVIC 409 personal extension unit

Data and communication features

  • VITAVIC 400 System for two crew and two combat radios consists only a single Central Communication Unit (CCU)
  • VITAVIC 401 CCU has an intuitive, integrated Built-In-Test (BIT) plus a dedicated field workshops test unit(VV4545) if required
  • Dismounted personnel may be remotely connected to intercom and combat radio via a short range soldier radio or field telephone interface
  • Data is transmitted at the combat radio defined rate of 64kb/s
  • All units can be edged with soft rubber for additional safety on the move.
  • Optional digital communication function may be used to either record or generate voice traffic messages – in the local language
  • VITAVIC 400 also has a standard rebroadcast capability for two different combat radios and an expanded capability that allows any combination of up to six different radios to be rebroadcast

System components

  • VITAVIC 401 central communication unit (CCU)
  • VITAVIC 402 basic communication unit – (BCU)
  • VITAVIC 410 cable set
  • VITAVIC 380 personal headset (others available)

Version identification

Specific vehicle types are identified as “VITAVIC 400.xx.y.” where identification xx.y refer to specific vehicle and configuration.

Extended units and components

  • VITAVIC 403 radio interface extension unit (RIEU)
  • (BCU) VITAVIC 404 field telephone interface (FTIU)
  • VITAVIC 406 LAN access point (LAP)
  • VITAVIC 407 loudspeaker unit (LU)
  • VITAVIC 409 Personal Extension Unit (PEU)
  • VITAVIC 320 Dismounted Soldier Radio Control Unit(DSRCU)
  • VITAVIC 325 Vehicle Antenna (VA)


  • Power supply – nominal/operating: 28V DC (12V available)/14V to 35V
  • Operating temperature (VITAVIC 400 boxes): -35 to +60°C
  • Operating temp (VITAVIC 380 Headsets): -25 to +55°C
  • Storage temperature:28V DC (12V available)/14V to 35V
  • Vibration (critical): 100m.s-G, 1 – 500Hz
  • Shock (single); Shock (repeated): 750m.s-G, 6ms; 200m.s-G, 15ms
  • Number of Crew/Number of connected CNR 2 to 8/2 to 6
  • IP Protection: IP68 according to EN 60 529
  • TCIP/IP network connection: 64kbit/s according to IEEE 802. 1X – 1 interface:
  • Audio signal frequency band ±3 dB: 300 to 3400Hz
  • EMC: Meets CS 101, 114, 115 & 116, RS 101 & 103, CE 102, RE 102 according to MIL-STD-461E