ECS’s two-speed synchronised transfer case is made for AWD special vehicles and commercial vehicles in class N2, and isoptimised for off-road mobility.

Features and specifications

  • Gear ratio high: i = 1.020
  • Gear ratio low: 1.959
  • Max. abuse input torque: 4,000Nm*
  • Max. input speed: 6,100 min-1
  • Weight (incl. oil): 71.5kg
  • Flanges acc. DIN ISO-T120
  • Aluminium housing
  • High / Low shifting and differential lock pneumatically actuated
  • Synchronised high / low shifting
  • Pneumatically actuated longitudinal differential lock
  • Integrated oil pump prepared for external cooling
  • Climate area C1 to A1 according to STANAG 2895
  • Used in high mobility multi purpose vehicles
  • Prepared for ext. PTO application