For quick immediate heat, Thermobile offers a wide range of electric heaters.

Our heaters have a capacity ranging from 3kW to 18kW, with airflow from 225 m3/hr to 1,000 m3/hr.

These heaters are suitable for tent heating as well as de-icing or pre-heating equipment.

The advantages of Thermobile electric heaters include:

  • Very robust electric heaters suitable for continuous operation
  • Available in various capacities and designs
  • Low noise
  • Most versions are designed with standard built-in thermostat

Product features include:

  • Stainless steel heating elements
  • Radial blower for high air flow (VTB)
  • Axial blower (CH)
  • 100% clean and dry heat
  • Fixed outlet temperature 40°C to 100°C