As a professional tent manufacturer and supplier, LIRI TENT devotes itself to the tent industry in developing high-quality clear-span frame structures to meet all your needs in temporary and semi-permanent constructions. We manufacture and supply durable, flexible and practical warehousing constructions, not only temporary warehouses but also economical long-term storage solutions.

Types of temporary industrial warehouse structures

With the developments of temporary industrial warehouse industry, we design and produce various kinds of warehouse tents, such as A-type tents, dome tens, arcum tents, thermo roof tents, polygonal tents and multi-side tents etc, to meet the growing needs of different clients.


In order to meet the requirements of different enterprises all the year round, LIRI TENT provides a full line of accessories, including sandwich walls, ABS walls, glass walls, air conditioners, single-wing door, double-wing glass doors, automatic rolling doors, sliding glass windows, rain gutters, ventilation system, generators, weight plates, anti-collision column, inflatable roof cover, lighting system, etc.

Framework and sizes

  • Made of aluminium frames, which adopts 6082-T6 and 6061-T6 with corrosion resistance, good appearance, high strength and lightweight
  • Manufactured and constructed under prefabrication and be assembled with bolts and nuts on-site to build a complete structure
  • Clear span width is available from 5m to 60m, bay distance is 5m, while the length is unlimited. Customised order is available


  • The roof covers are made of flame retardant double PVC-coated polyester textile, which is strictly conducted in accordance with EU DIN4102.B1, M2 standard
  • The temporary storage tents are modular structures which are easy to be assembled and dismantled. In addition, they could be built on any ground at anytime because of its relocatable and flexible design
  • Durable frame structures with no poles inside, which ensures a large available interior space, at an economical price


LIRI TENT temporary storage tent structures are multifunctional, suitable for warehousing, workshop, logistic centre and loading zone. In addition, the warehouse structures can be also used as production bases and temporary offices.