T75 series TCXOs are packaged in the industry-standard 7mmx5mm miniature SMD format. The parts have a rugged construction, able to withstand up to 100,000g and offer a wide frequency range with close tolerances over temperature.

Product features

  • Very rugged construction TCXO
  • Industry-standard 7mmx5mm miniature SMD format
  • Tight tolerances over temperature from 0.3ppm
  • Wide frequency range, 10MHz to 50MHz
  • Available with HCMOS or CLIPPED SINEWAVE outputs

General specification

  • Frequency range: 10.0MHz to 50.0MHz
  • Output: HCMOS or Clipped Sinewave
  • Symmetry: 50%±10% (HCMOS)
  • Output level
  • Clipped Sine: +0.8Vp-p typical into 10pF/100kOhm; HCMOS T75: +0.2V max. to +2.8V min; HCMOS T76: +0.2V max to +4.2V min
  • Temperature Stability: See table
  • Ageing: <1ppm/yr at 10MHz (typical)
  • Frequency adjust: ±4ppm typical via 0 to Vcc
  • Control voltage, positive slope.
  • Supply Voltage: +3.3VDC ±5% or +5.0VDC
  • Supply Current: HCMOS: <6mA; Clipped Sine: <2mA

Environmental product information

  • Vibration: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth. 214, Cond. I-F
  • Shock: per MIL-STD-202G, Meth. 213, Cond. F (Shock levels to 100,000g are available)

T75 – part numbering procedure

The model number is created as follows: model number – option – frequency. Example: T75-G37-20.0MHz

T75 – customised parameters

There are a wide variety of custom options available for the T75 series TCXOs. Contact Euroquartz technical sales with your requirements: info@euroquartz.co.uk.