Key Facts

Application: Tent and container air conditioning
Features: Compact during transport, a split system in operation
Cooling capacity: 7 kW
Heating capacity: 9 kW


The Module-R 7-B HVAC units are based on the successfully qualified Module-R series that have proven themselves over many years. The air conditioning units are developed and qualified for extreme operating temperature ranges of -32 °C to over +55 °C. In this wide operating temperature range, the Module-R 7-B HVAC units reach cooling capacities of up to 7 kW and are equipped with a heating capacity of up to 9 kW. These extreme performances are achieved with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R513a, which has a low global warming potential of GWP = 613.

All housing parts of the mobile HVAC units are made of sturdy stainless steel or lightweight aluminium. The innovative product and transport design allow the accessories to be stowed and transported within the system in one compact unit. Integrated tarpaulins protect from performance-reducing ingress of dust and dirt.

The temperature is controlled by a separate control panel. An automatic pump-down function leads to a high level of operational safety after the HVAC units have been switched off.