Spartan Tactical

Throughout military history, the Spartans have been immortalised for their warrior prowess. To honour the high standard these defenders of freedom set for the rest of us, we at Salute named The Spartan™ reactive target.

The Spartan target was developed for police, military and private tactical training environment to train focus on the three most vulnerable areas: the head, heart and pelvis. Or as any modern warrior or shootist would state: the electrical, hydraulic, and chassis kill areas.

● You get four targets in one – based on the IPSC A-C zone shape with three additional moving target zones
● Each of the three plates on the target are receded and designed to pivot outward with your accurate shots
● No need to go downrange to reset the target. You can slap the plates back into place with the thrust of your follow-up bullet strikes

Our most challenging tactical target yet, The Spartan™ tactical target will prepare you for the split second when you need to protect what you cherish most.

Military component specifications:

● Target is made of 3in / 8in thick AR500 Armour Plate Steel
● Laser-cut with the curves of the IPSC A-C zone shape
● 23.3in tall | 11.81in wide | 32.5lbs
● Military packages have options to add AR400 Swing Plates, and four different standard or armoured bases

All of our targets are made of the highest quality steel that survives the elements. They’ll last through rain storms, high temperatures, multiple coats of paint, and just about every calibre you can aim at them.

Salute Targets immediately confirm your shooting skills with the bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, to give you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.

Ours are the only steel targets designed for protection and safety, built with angles that deflect bullet fragments to the ground or side, and not towards the shooter.

Salute Targets are portable. Most are light and easy to tear down and set up quickly, and we built them to pack and travel compactly too. Spend more time shooting, wherever you want to go!