Exploiting the most advanced jamming techniques, Tekne develops and delivers state-of-the-art jammer solutions, designed both for the protection of personnel and facilities and for the selective interception of enemy communications.

The adoption of flexible design, digital exciters and software-defined waveforms makes Tekne’s equipment capable of remaining continuously up-to-date with the latest threats.

Tekne’s jammer family includes active, reactive and adaptive models with dedicated and advanced antenna configuration.

J4VIP-T is the top performing anti-RC-IED jammer for vehicle installation. It offers unsurpassed protection in the overall RF band from 20MHz up to 3GHz (up to 6GHz optional).

The modular design of the J4VIP-T jammer provides up to 1,000W of adaptive jamming capability and, due to its compact size, it can be installed in tight spaces.

J4CAR-T is the perfect solution for vehicle installation and protection. It ensures maximum protection on the overall RF band from 20MHz to 3GHz. In convoy installation, J4CAR-T operation perfectly integrates J4VIP-T operation in ensuring the protection of longer convoys.

With its modular construction and 400W output power, J4CAR-T offers the best trade-off between protection range, power consumption, weight and cost.

J4MPR-T is the portable jammer for dismounted people. It is battery operated and provides effective protection on the overall RF band from 20MHz to 3GHz (up to 6GHz optional). It is available in the manpack, trolley and executive bag configurations.

The J4MPR-T portable jammer is modular in design and offers complete flexibility in a tactical environment. It can operate in hybrid mode (active and reactive) and can be rapidly reprogrammed in the field to optimise its jamming waveform, target frequencies and operating parameters. Reactive, light and barrage versions are available.

J4INC-T is the digital and modular COM ECM solution for denial and disruption of indoor communications. It is effective on all communication standards from 500MHz to 3GHz. Vehicular version is also available.

Tekne also offers J4SKY-T, an anti-UAV jammer family aimed at warding off potentially hostile flights over unauthorised areas.